Does My Phone Use Cellular Data When Connected To A WiFi

You should always be careful with the amount of mobile data you use on your smartphone, and if possible, set a data limit from time to time. The truth is that overusing your data will only lead to huge bills that could’ve been avoided by sticking to just WiFi.

For those who care about their battery life, this is another reason to use data moderately because the more data you browse with, the more battery it drains. However, if you are experiencing your data getting used up despite being on WiFi, something must be done fast.

The truth is that it all depends on the kind of phone you have and its Settings. Some mobile phones can actually keep using data even when the WiFi symbol is visible at the top of the screen. Not to worry, however, because there are ways to fix this. See Does My Phone Use Cellular Data When Connected To A WiFi:

Why Is My Phone Using Mobile Data When Connected To Wifi?

Phone Use Cellular Data WiFi
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Your smartphone could be using phone data for several reasons, including being a device that comes with an option to use both Wi-Fi and mobile data at the same time to guarantee better speed and coverage.

If you are not aware, on iPhones, this feature is named “WiFi Assist,” and it simply helps WiFi to perform better with help from your cellular data. This is available in “Settings Cellular” and usually activated by default in new iPhones.

Likewise, Android devices are also home to a feature that aids the phone to use data even when connected to WiFi. Because Android devices are from lots of manufacturers, their names and Settings can vary. For instance, on Samsung Galaxy Note, you can locate it in the advanced WiFi settings. If “Switch to Mobile Data” is enabled, your device will instantly use it anytime the WiFi is weak or not connected.

Why Am I Being Charged For Data When Using WiFi?

The simple fact is that if you do not have cellular data in your package or you have a limited amount available every month, you’ll be billed anytime you cross that limit. Sadly, this happens without the knowledge of the user, and that could be very frustrating.

With WiFI Assist, iPhone can supplement the network signal by also using cellular signals. Now, depending on the application you’re using, this could be a lot of data. Things can even be worse if you have a lower bandwidth or a wireless connection that frequently disconnects.

The applications on your device play a role, too, even if some important apps like Email will not use as much like a video or game app.

Also, several applications run in the background at all times, like the ones with location service. Therefore, you have to keep monitoring data usage for each app from to time.

Phone Use Cellular Data WiFi
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How Can I Stop My iPhone From Using Data When Connected To Wifi?

  1. Head to Settings > Cellular.
  2. Swipe all the way down to access “WiFi Assist.”
  3. Toggle it off. (Be aware that this can only be done when the data is turned ON.)

Another solution is to turn the cellular data off every time you have a wireless network available. By so doing, even if the feature is activated, you don’t have to be bothered about the usage as much.

That is that.

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