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Download MediaTek Preloader USB VCOM Drivers (for MT65xx, MT67xx and MT68xx Chipest) and installation guide

On this page, you can download the latest version of the MediaTek USB VCOM drivers for Android devices with MT65xx, MT67xx, and MT68xx chipsets. Moreover, we will also guide you on how to install MediaTek USB VCOM drivers on any Windows 10-to-XP PC using two different methods.

What are MediaTek USB VCOM Drivers?

MediaTek USB VCOM Drivers is a set of programs that allows you to establish a USB connection between an Android device powered by MediaTek and a computer.

So why and when should you install MediaTek USB drivers on your PC? The main purpose of these drivers is to help your Windows PC recognize the device preloader for flashing stock ROMs or custom binaries using the SmartPhone Flash Tool. To better understand this, let’s first take a look at what the “preloader” is.

All Android devices come with a bootloader that runs the kernel and defines how the Android system boots (known as the “boot process”). When it comes to Android MTK devices, this is called “Preloader”, a proprietary charger developed by MediaTek. In addition to being responsible for the boot process, the Preloader on MediaTek devices can also act as an interface for downloading/flashing firmware files to the device’s NAND memory, where the Android operating system resides. Something very identical to EDL mode on Qualcomm Android devices.

The figure below explains how the preloader on MediaTek powered Android devices can communicate with the SP flash tool via USB (courtesy of mcgrady_tracy at CSDN ).

Hence, you should install MediaTek USB VCOM Drivers (or MediaTek Preloader Drivers ) on your PC in order to be able to flash firmware files to any Android MTK device using the SP Flash tool. This may allow you to flash the stock ROM to remove the arm from the device or update the software on it. It can even help you install custom binaries like TWRP recovery, Magisk Root, and more.

Furthermore, they also play an important role when and if you need to transfer files to/from your Android device via MTP protocol and also when working with Android tools such as ADB and Fastboot.

Download MediaTek USB VCOM Drivers

Below, you will find links to download the latest MediaTek USB VCOM drivers for MT65xx, MT67xx, and MT68xx chipset devices. Make sure you download the driver package according to your chosen installation method.

Automatic/direct installation

Filename: MediaTek_Preloader_USB_VCOM_Drivers_Setup_Signed.zip
File size: 8.85 MB
Uploaded to: 25 September 2020
Link to download: Click here to download

Manual installation

Filename: MediaTek_Preloader_USB_VCOM_Drivers.zip
File size: 8.39 MB
Uploaded to: 25 September 2020
Link to download: Click here to download

How to install MediaTek USB VCOM drivers

The supplied MediaTek USB drivers can be installed on any Windows 10, Windows 8.1 / 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP PC using two different methods. The first method follows an automatic and straightforward approach and allows you to install the aforementioned drivers simply using the configuration wizard. This is the easiest and recommended way to install MediaTek USB VCOM drivers on your PC.

However, if you find that it doesn’t work and your particular MTK Android device is still not detected by the computer then you can follow the second method which uses the manual approach to install.

Method 1- automatic and direct installation

  1. Download the MediaTek Preloader USB VCOM Drivers ZIP package to your Windows PC.
  2. Go to the directory where the file was downloaded and extract its contents using an archive utility such as 7-Zip.
  3. Now double click on the executable file ” MediaTek_Preloader_USB_VCOM_Drivers.exe “.
  4. If you are running on a PC with Windows 10 or Windows 8, you will be asked to allow ” User Account Control “. Click “Yes“.
  5. The InstallShield wizard will ask you to select the destination folder where the USB drivers are to be installed. By default, these are installed in ”C- \ Program Files \ MediaTek \ SP Driver“. If you wish to change the folder, you can do so by clicking on “Browse“.
  6. Click “Next” when the destination folder is complete.
  7. Now, click the “Install” button to begin installing the MediaTek Preloader USB VCOM drivers on your Windows PC.
  8. If the setup requires you to remove USB devices first, please make sure you have unplugged your MTK Android device from PC and click “Yes“.
  9. Once the installation is complete, click “Ok” and then “Finish” to close the setup wizard.
  10. Finally, restart your PC.

That’s all! MediaTek USB VCOM Drivers are now properly installed on your Windows PC.

Method 2- manual installation

If the automatic method does not work and your PC still does not recognize your MTK Android device, you can follow the steps below to manually install MediaTek USB VCOM drivers on Windows.

Step 1: Download the “MediaTek_Preloader_USB_VCOM_Drivers.zip” package on your PC. Then extract the contents of the downloaded file to a suitable location. The extracted folder should contain the Windows driver information files.

Step 2: Go to “Control Panel”> “Device Manager” on your Windows PC. Click the PC name at the top of the Device Manager list, then click “Action” and select “Add Legacy Hardware”.

Step 3: The Add Hardware Wizard should now be launched on your PC, click “Next”.

Step 4: Then choose “Install the hardware I manually select from a list” from the menu and press “Next”.

Step 5: Select “Show all devices” at the top of the displayed list and click “Next”.

Step 6: The hardware wizard will now ask you to select the device driver you want to install. To do this, click on “Have Disk”.

Step 5: Now click on “Browse” and navigate to the location where the USB driver package was extracted. Open the “Android” folder, select the “android_winusb.inf” file and click on “Open”.

Step 6: You should now see a list of device drivers available for installation. Depending on your use case, select the driver and click “Next”.

For example, if you are working with ADB and need ADB drivers, select “Android ADB Interface”. On the other hand, if you want to flash a firmware file on your device using SP Flash Tool, please choose “Android Bootloader Interface”.

Step 7: The hardware wizard should now be ready to install the driver. Finally, click “Next” to start installing the MediaTek USB VCOM drivers.

That’s all! Once the driver installation is complete, click “Finish” and restart your PC.

FAQ- frequently asked questions

Now, before we leave, we have tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding MediaTek USB VCOM drivers.

Question 1: I encountered the “Code 10” error message towards the end of the installation process, what should I do?

  • Answer: If you see the “Code 10” error message stating “The software for this device is now installed, but it may not work properly”, you can safely ignore it. Make sure to restart your PC after installing the USB drivers.

Question 2: I have installed USB drivers and my MediaTek Android device is still not recognized by the computer, what should I do?

  • Answer: In rare cases, the drivers may not work because they detect a previous installation of another set of drivers. This means that several MediaTek USB drivers are installed on your machine.
    In this case, you will need to uninstall all MediaTek USB drivers from your PC (we recommend using USB Deview for this purpose). When done, you can reinstall the USB drivers from above.

Question 3: I am operating with the Android ADB command-line tool, where can I download the MediaTek ADB drivers?

  • Answer: The MediaTek ADB drivers are already included in the USB driver package provided on this page, so you don’t need to install them separately. If you have opted for manual installation, be sure to choose “Android ADB Interface” to install the ADB drivers.

Question 4: Driver installation fails and shows “Third-party INF does not contain digital signature information, what should I do?

  • Answer: The USB drivers provided here are all digitally signed. While you may not encounter this error, if you do, you will need to disable driver signature enforcement on your Windows 8 or 10 PC.

So there you are! You just managed to download the MediaTek USB VCOM drivers and learned how to install them using two different methods. Now you can go ahead, transfer files, work with ADB or Flash stock ROM using the SP Flash tool to remove or update your phone.

If you have any questions about the drivers or installation steps shared on this page, please feel free to let us know via the comments section below.

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