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Duracell Power bank review – up to 72 hours extra talk or surf time

Like all power banks on the market, Duracell’s were designed to provide us with a reliable and easy-to-carry power source. With high-capacity, fast charging technology, Duracell power banks help extend the battery life of your smartphone or other USB powered devices. Packed with 10 safety features for safe and worry-free use.

Our review today is the 48-hour version of the power bank of the famous brand of Duracell batteries.

As soon as we put our hand on the object, we get the immediate feeling that we are with a Duracell product, this chargeable battery has a visual design very similar to the famous stacks of the company of the bunny runner, which I confess that pleases me enough. Who better than a reputable company of stacks to make a powerbank? If you deliver what you promise, this is what we will see next.

We are facing a power bank of 6700mAh, although the company has other models with 3350mAh and another with 10050mAh. It is compatible with any device that charges by USB, be it smartphones (Android or iOS), tablets, photo machines, etc.

Tests on this Powerbank were carried out on 2 smartphones, a Oneplus 5, which has a 3300mAh battery, and a Vernee Apollo Lite that has a 3180mAh battery. And even before going into detail, I can state that he was able to charge both devices with only one charge when both phones had 20% battery.

This Duracell supports fast 2x charging and also supports Dual Charge. Dual Charge means it may be charging and at the same time charging a device. This can be especially important when we have little time and we need to charge as much as possible, either PowerBank or our device, and we only have a charger, since the 2x fast charging means that it has and fast charging technology of 5V 2.4A, and more spectacular that it is for both the IN and the Out. This allows for example that if we use the equipment we are charging while it loads, it will continue to load without problem. Not to mention the charge times, which are approximately the same as the original device charger.

The device has 4 small LEDs, each corresponding to 25% of the battery charge. This means that with the 4 LEDs lit we have the 6700mAh, 2 LEDs we have approximately 3350mAh and when a led has lit we have more than 1650mAh, that still is able to load almost in totality an Apple iPhone 7.

I could not stop talking about something that worries a lot of people who buy this type of object, security. The Duracell claims to have worked hard so that we can rely on their 10 safety features to prevent overcharging, over-discharging, overheating, short circuit and other problems. Proof of this is that it is approved for travel as hand luggage on aircraft, although its use on board is subject to any applicable regulations.

Final verdict

If you are looking for a lightweight, practical and functional power bank, it is impossible to ignore this Duracell solution. Having a recognized manufacturer in the sector to make this type of object available is a plus and a signal of quality. Proof of this is that Duracell offers a 3-year commercial warranty from the date of purchase.

The only thing less positive about this device is that the same only comes with a micro-USB charging cable. The vast majority of today’s smartphones come with Type C USB input, and either they use the charger cable of your smartphone, or they have to buy the second cable to be able to use this (or any other power bank).


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