10 Best Electric/Manual Wheelchairs in 2022

Wyyggnb Remote Travel Light Adult Wheelchair
Wyyggnb Remote Travel Light Adult Wheelchair

Unlike manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs can be driven around with no one to help push it around. Of course, the electric wheelchairs are upgrades from normal ones. In this article, we take a look at both wheelchairs so that you can get more information about these chairs and see which would be best for you or your loved ones.

Electric wheelchairs advantages

As we mentioned above, these are upgrades from the old formal, normal wheelchairs, so we expect a lot of good things to come with them. In a nutshell, here are some benefits:

  1. They don’t need anyone to push invalids around
  2. They are often noiseless
  3. They come with adjustable wheels
  4. The batteries last for a long time

Advantages of manual wheelchairs

Although the world is gradually moving away from these types of wheelchairs, they are still seen as important in some aspects. Why would anyone still want to purchase a manual wheelchair in 2022, with all these technologies available? Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Reduced cost of buying one
  2. They don’t need battery charging
  3. They require less space
  4. They require less maintenance spending

No wonder, even many medical experts still try to convince patients of the need to buy a manual wheelchair at times. As we take a look at the top ten types of wheelchairs anyone can buy in 2022? We start with the electric types, and gradually move over to the manual types.

1. Invacare 9000 XT High-Performance Lighter Weight Wheelchair [$444.93]

Invacare 9000 Xt High Performance Lighter Weight Wheelchair
Invacare 9000 Xt High-Performance Lighter Weight Wheelchair

This electric wheelchair comes in electric red color. Some of the components included are a 9XT wheelchair with elevating leg rest. It comes with other nice features that give versatility and high performance for users. Users can now have a better lighter-weight ride than they used to partly because of the urethane casters. There’s also a dual-axle that allows for conversion from 19.5 to a height of 17.5. This electric product can be adjusted to increase maneuverability or stability to meet different users’ skill levels. Here is a wheelchair that allows individuals to sit comfortably at a table and it still allows for arm support.


  • Nice looking design that is lightweight but sturdy
  • The elevating legs are strong
  • Footrest offers calf support for individuals
  • Heavy-duty inner seat liners
  • This electric wheelchair is versatile


  • Non-applicable

2. Wyyggnb Electric Wheelchair for Adults [$999]

Wyyggnb Electric Wheelchair For Adults
Wyyggnb Electric Wheelchair For Adults

The manufacturer of this wheelchair has already informed buyers that it is made for adults, not kids. Yet, one spectacular aspect of the chair is that it is medical equipment that arrived with multiple functions. To the delight of everyone, this item can be folded – maybe that’s why it is selling for a thousand dollars. There are users who also view it like a scooter, probably because of its ability to take sharp turns. The main material this wheelchair is made of is carbon steel. The height of the seat is 16 inches. Of course, being made of steel means it is somehow a weighty chair. Yet, it is seen as lightweight, especially when it is folded and carried around with one hand.

This is the ideal wheelchair for the elderly, mid-pregnant women, people with lower-limb disability, paraplegia, fraction traction, etc. For someone with a stroke, this can make life a lot easier.


  • It offers comfort to the user, allowing one to sit on it for a long time
  • It is flexible and easy to clean
  • It is lightweight and flexible, easy to store away in the house
  • It is the ideal choice for people who need to transfer to a car, bed, or bathroom
  • Patients feel warm care
  • Good for people who want to travel freely


  • Price is high

3. Majestic Buvan 2021 New Limited Edition Foldable Electric Wheelchair [$1,999]

Majestic Buvan 2021 New Limited Edition Foldable Electric Wheelchair
Majestic Buvan 2021 New Limited Edition Foldable Electric Wheelchair

The first edition of this electric wheelchair arrived in 2021 as a limited edition. Being of that nature, the price was high. Of course, it is a motorized power wheelchair that can make life a lot easier for people living with disabilities. The main materials found on it are metals and carbon steel. Trust it to possess some weight. If the user travels a lot using the airports, this should be the ideal wheelchair. In fact, it has been approved by various airlines in different places around the world. Although it sells for two thousand dollars, it has a lot to offer for that pricing. Most users view it as an amazing chair that’s also very stylish. The electric chair folds up easily, doesn’t weigh a lot, and can fit in almost any car or SUV.


  • It makes the journey faster and smoother
  • It folds up easily, and can well be adjusted into a small space
  • It comes fully assembled and is lightweight
  • It offers comfort for the user
  • It is powerful when in operation
  • Available for multiple purposes
  • It is durable and stylish


  • Users should beware of the capacity of the motorized wheelchair to speed
  • Quite expensive

4. Wyyggnb Remote Travel light Adult Wheelchair [$1,699]

Wyyggnb Remote Travel Light Adult Wheelchair
Wyyggnb Remote Travel Light Adult Wheelchair

Wyyggnb wheelchair is another one that is loved by airlines. In fact, it is loved by people who often do remote traveling. Because it is mainly for adults, it is made in such a way that it won’t add to their already felt burdens. This 2020 model of electric wheelchair is still very relevant in 2022. The remote control technology is a special feature that no one can argue against. Also, the 360-degree waterproof joystick technology makes of even more controlling. However, there are bigger rear tires to contend with. These are some of the features that make traveling by air safe and secure. The FDA has approved this chair as a safe and convenient way of traveling for people with disabilities. More so, it is even lightweight, meaning that anyone can fold it and easily pull it around on the two large rear wheels.


  • The remote control really helps in cases where it has to be operated from a distance
  • The speed indicator helps reduce or increase speed as may be needed
  • There’s quick anti-tilt support for safety
  • One of the best for aviation travel


  • It is fairly expensive

5. 2022 Majestic Buvan New Lightweight Electric Wheelchair [$2,099]

2022 Majestic Buvan New Lightweight Electric Wheelchair
2022 Majestic Buvan New Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

This is fairly a new product that is gaining favor among Amazon buyers because it has almost garnered four stars. It comes mainly in three styles: red textile and cushion, black textile and cushion, taba textile and cushion, and blue textile and cushion. The color is also known to be silver frame, and it weighs just 35 pounds. It is known to be a heavy-duty, motorized, electric, compact wheelchair. If you care about conserving space in your home, you may opt for this product. It is new and users are very enthusiastic about it. Apart from being a silver frame item, the main material it is made of is aluminum. The good thing is that it is a power chair that’s perfect for any type of trip.


  • It is a portable wheelchair, compact, and can fold just the way you like it
  • It is perfect for airplanes, cruises, cars, etc
  • Though it is lightweight, it is also sturdy
  • Good for all terrains including hills
  • The battery can be active for 10 miles and more


  • It may not last for long, though it has an appearance of being sturdy

6. Majestic Electric Wheelchair 2022 (Foldable Remote Control) [$1,899]

Majestic Electric Wheelchair 2022 (foldable Remote Control)
Majestic Electric Wheelchair 2022 (foldable Remote Control)

This electric wheelchair also makes it easy to travel. It has a remote control as well. Adults who have it and know how to use it appreciate that they can use it without depending much on others. The style of this product is that it is motorized, electric, and compact. It steps up as one of the latest electric wheelchair designs for 2022 but we are not saying that it is better than those made in 2021. One thing is for sure; if you’re looking for new technology, this is certainly one such chair you must never overlook. The aluminum materials it is made with are an assurance that it will last longer without any damage due to rust. As for its weight, it is just 55 pounds.


  • It is a portable chair that can be used in many situations and places
  • It is lightweight but strong, giving the instant appearance that it is durable
  • The battery can serve the user on a trip of 13 miles and more. He or she doesn’t need to charge it all the time
  • There’s also a remote control technology available for the product


  • The company may not have a return policy

7. Drive Medical Blue Streak Ultra-Lightweight Wheelchair [$121.99]

Drive Medical Blue Streak Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair
Drive Medical Blue Streak Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair

You may be able to tell by the price that this is a manual wheelchair. They seem to have one major characteristic – they are cheaper than motorized or electric wheelchairs. As this is one that is budget-friendly, it is also user-friendly. Users love the desk-length arms and elevating leg rests because they offer extra comfort. The whole design is simple, and it comes in just one color – black. It is also lightweight, a bit lighter in weight than electric wheelchairs. The style is adjustable so that people of various sizes may adapt to it while using it. Its dimensions are 31.5 x 25.5 x 36.5 inches. The tires are flat-free so the user doesn’t have to worry about that. It is also latex-free.


  • The flip-back desk-length arms ensure ease of navigation
  • Built for comfort and ease of use
  • It is built in a way to ensure reliability and durability
  • It comes with breathable nylon upholstery that is soft and comfortable


  • Armrests may be too small for some users

8. Medline Lightweight & User-Friendly Wheelchair with Flip back [$219]

Medline Lightweight & User Friendly Wheelchair With Flip Back
Medline Lightweight & User-Friendly Wheelchair With Flip Back

This is another manual wheelchair with elevated leg rests for extra comfort. It comes in both black and gray colors. The dimensions are 21.5 x 25.5 x 36.5 inches but it is also adjustable. This chair has given several users their freedom back and made living a lot easier.


  • It comes with a flip-back design that makes it easy to navigate even under tables
  • The upholstery is soft and comfortable
  • The tires are flat-free
  • The seat height can be adjusted by two inches


  • N/A

9. Karman Healthcare S-115 Ergonomic Ultra Lightweight Manual Wheelchair [$623.89]

Karman Healthcare S 115 Ergonomic Ultra Lightweight Manual Wheelchair
Karman Healthcare S 115 Ergonomic Ultra Lightweight Manual Wheelchair

The Karman lightweight wheelchair is a manual type that is a little bit expensive? Is it due to the features? Let’s see. At first glance, you’ll see that it is a combination of black and red color although some may just call it rose red. Its style is a swing-away footrest. That allows for freedom of feet movement. The dimensions are 28 x 16 x 36 inches. It doesn’t weigh much but we don’t encourage just one individual to form a habit of carrying it, because it has wheels that roll.


  • It is lightweight in many respects
  • It comes with fixed rear wheels standard
  • Also, it comes with a fixed armrest standard
  • The footrest is removable and height adjustable


  • The seat cushion and back are not included when you purchase it
  • Price is high

10. Portable Folding Wheelchair [$258]

Portable Folding Wheelchair
Portable Folding Wheelchair

Although this is the last among the wheelchairs we’ve put on this list, it is by no means the least. Of course, it has a high rating of about 4.5 stars from buyers online. That means it is not one product anyone can view as substandard. There are eight inches PVC casters in the rear. The main material on the body of the chair is aluminum, which also guarantees durability. When one considers the size when it is unfolded or when it is folded, it is easy to that it will not take up space in the house. Being a manual device, it is easy to maneuver it around in a small space.


  • The tires are made of solid materials
  • It can be folded like many electric chairs
  • It is free of installation and ready to use as soon as it arrives
  • It has an appearance of being a stable structured product


  • A fat person may not fit into it easily


It is necessary to engage in a lot of research if this is the first time that you’re buying a wheelchair. If you must choose between an electric or manual wheelchair, now you know why you’re making that decision. Remember, both have their advantages but if you’re the type that really appreciates technology and ease of use, you may opt for the electric wheelchairs mentioned on the list. This is an online shopping era so, if you purchase and see that something is not as you desire it to be, you may return it, and no product is perfect. As the years go by, there are more buying choices for people who want to purchase products online.