How to Enable IDM Extension on Microsoft Edge

Idm Extension For Microsoft Edge
Idm Extension For Microsoft Edge

IDM Extension for Edge – Downloading a file from the internet, especially one with a large capacity, often makes some people annoyed if the time it takes to download is quite long. In addition to network factors, media downloaders are also included which can disrupt download speeds.

Therefore, many people currently need the help of a downloader when downloading a large file. Call it one of the most popular used is Internet Download Manager. This one downloader is often the mainstay of many people because it is considered to have a faster download speed than other types of downloaders available.

To use this IDM, the IDM extension itself must be in your browser. For users of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, maybe the IDM extension can be directly installed and ready to use in the browser. But if you are a Microsoft Edge user, then more action is needed to activate it. For that, here’s how to activate IDM Extension for Edge on your laptop.

Internet Download Manager at a Glance


IDM, which is a popular acronym for Internet Download Manager, is a type of software used to download data on the internet. This software from New York America is often rated as the most reliable media downloader in achieving maximum data download speeds. In addition, in terms of appearance and graphics, IDM is able to come with a charm that can be more friendly to its users.

In addition to downloading from the internet, this software is also equipped with a forwarding feature. This feature allows the IDM device to re-download files or data that were previously disconnected due to technical or non-technical problems.

As is well known, the main advantage of this download manager is that its download feature is quite fast because it is equipped with automatic file segmentation capabilities and is supported by safe technology. Its ability to automatically segment files is what sets it apart from similar software currently available. This feature is able to divide the data that is being downloaded into several separate parts to be then put back together after the download process is complete or commonly known as multipart.

Although this multipart process itself can also be found on other similar devices, the multipart process carried out by IDM can be carried out simultaneously. Not only that, as claimed by the IDM maker, the speed can reach 500% or five times better than other existing devices.

Its ability to split a downloaded file into 7-8 parts is the main factor why this downloader is often known for its download speed. After the system divides the file that is currently being downloaded into several parts, then this device will divide the speed in each part equally. If one or more of these parts experience obstacles in the download process, the system will transmit speed to other parts to help speed up the parts that are experiencing obstacles.

Generally, users of this downloader are those who are also users of the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser types. However, users of other browsers, such as Microsoft Edge, can also take advantage of this IDM by activating the IDM extension itself first in the browser.

The integration between IDM and Microsoft Edge, or formerly known as Internet Explorer, has only recently been carried out on the latest versions of IDM. So if you want to use this device for the data download process in Microsoft Edge, you must first add the IDM Extension for Edge to the browser.

How to Install IDM Extension For Edge

Downloading files with the help of Internet Download Manager must indeed be equipped with the active IDM extension itself on your browser. However, the problem that is often experienced when installing IDM is that the extension sometimes does not want to be integrated automatically in our browser. Especially for users of the Microsoft Edge browser, sometimes the command to activate the IDM extension does not appear, so users are confused about using it.

It’s different if the browser used is Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, then usually a command will always appear to activate the IDM extension automatically when opening the browser. Generally, a guide on the steps to enable IDM Extension for Edge on Microsoft Edge will usually only appear when IDM itself is installed for the first time.

To find out whether the IDM device has been integrated with the browser you are using or not, there is a fairly easy way to see it. First of all you need to open the Youtube site in the browser, then please play an existing video. If IDM has been integrated or is active, a notification will automatically appear from the IDM extension for the command to download the video.

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But if the notification or command does not appear, then it is certain that you must first activate the extension to be able to enjoy the IDM device. How to install or activate IDM Extension for Edge itself can be done in the old version of Microsoft Edge (EdgeHTML-Based) or in the new version (Chromium-Based). To activate IDM in older versions of Microsoft Edge, the steps are:

  1. First of all, please visit the following site.
  2. Then, after opening the site, find the words Install, then click on the text that has been linked with a link.
  3. Wait a while until you are redirected to the old Windows Store automatically.
  4. Then press the Install button provided, the IDM Integration Module will start downloading and installing automatically.
  5. When the installation is complete, the Launch command will appearPlease click the Launch and wait until you are redirected to the Microsoft Edge browser.
  6. If Microsoft Edge is already open, a notification to activate the IDM will appear on the available page. Check the Allow for inPrivate Browsing section, then click Turn it on.
  7. Your IDM is now integrated with Microsoft Edge.

Meanwhile, to activate IDM Extension for Edge in the new version of Microsoft Edge (EdgeHTML-Based), the steps that need to be done are quite simple compared to the previous version. The steps, namely:

  1. Copy the following command “edge://extensions/”, then paste it into your browser’s search field and press Enter.
  2. Then activate the extension by activating the IDM Integration Module button on the old you are visiting at that time.
  3. If you don’t have the IDM extension, you can also visit the Microsoft edge chromium IDM extension link. Finally, click Add to chrome.

As discussed earlier, to check whether IDM Extension for Edge is active or not, please follow the method offered earlier, which is to play a video on Youtube. You can also see whether it’s active or not by opening the Microsoft Edge browser, then pressing the Alt + X keys simultaneously, and clicking Extensions.


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