Eskimi DSP – A Programmatic Advertising Platform for Campaigns

Eskimi DSP helps organizations to embark on advertising, and achieve a set of objectives they want to accomplish. These may include getting in-depth data on each campaign, getting the right advertisement ideas to become a reality, or the attention of the support team may not be enough.

This is where Eskimi DSP comes in. Advertising technology keeps changing with the times we live in. What is super today may be ridiculous tomorrow. However, when ideas are brought to life, stakeholders and business partners look at the advantages and the disadvantages in order to stick with what works better for individuals and organizations.

Introducing Eskimi DSP

Eskimi DSP is a technology that has been around for a while now but is only getting more popular just a few years ago. The DSP stands for Demand-Side Platform. The advertising technology helps buyers to setup up their own campaigns without help from a third party. That helps them to save time and costs.

Eskimi DSP works with Data Management Platform (DMP) which helps in storing and managing both customer and online advertising data. Therefore, DMP thrives by tracking analyzing, and displaying the advertiser’s campaign metrics in real-time. Eskimi DSP dashboard displays a lot of information to the advertiser, so that he can see metrics such as impressions, CPM, which stands for Clicks Per Mile, Win rate, Clicks, CPC, which stands for Clicks Per Costs, CTR, which stands for Click-through Rates, best and worst-performing ads, Operating Systems that the customers are using, and other metrics such as the delivery maps. Advertisers can see all these in real-time.

Other crucial aspects of this type of advertising technology are that it helps organizations to reach the proper audience easily because it provides several important information that helps the organizations learn the pertinent information they need in understanding their target audience. In this way, an individual or organization that embarks on Eskimi DSP is able to grasp what his target audience is really interested in, what kind of devices they use in browsing the internet, where they live, what the range of their income is, and also other information.

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10 Main Reasons Organizations Use Eskimi DSP

This programmatic advertising platform has surpassed the expectations of both the providers and the advertisers. In less than five years, the advertising technology platform has become a viable option for the success of major marketing promotions Hence, the significance attached to this marketing campaign type these days.

The 10 main advantages of Eskimi DSP are what the advertiser gets:

  1. Simple but concise data which shows how the money is spent.
  2. Effective support that satisfies advertisers and their budget. This is usually done one-on-one.
  3. Creative innovations and efficiency take marketing campaigns to the next level.
  4. Let your computer tell you the best place to place ads. It does this by making use of algorithms and bid pricing to reach desired customers or clients.
  5. It is cheaper than other forms of advertising.
  6. It makes use of metrics from the samples available in millions of ads done by the company over the years.
  7. Enjoy the availability of new rich media to present ads to consumers.
  8. Be in control, know your customers.
  9. Reach customers across a wide variety of platforms such as publishers, apps, games, others. Determine when and how you want your ads to show.
  10. Reach targeted users across several categories and sub-categories.

It is noted that the three advantages mentioned here were not so apparent a decade ago. Now, Eskimi DSP is delivering optimized performance for brand awareness and engagement campaigns or marketing promotions.

Eskimi DSP Campaign Planning

Here are a few pointers to what you’re looking at when you decide to run this marvelous campaign. You should have at least eight objectives in mind. Here are they below:

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1. Campaign Goal: think of areas such as awareness, lead generation, click generation, etc. This helps you to know exactly what you want to achieve. For example, in lead generation, you may want to capture emails of prospective buyers.

2. Budgeting: Think of the starting point from the company’s least budget for a month, a week, or a day. Decide what you will like to budget on your own.

3. Target Audience: You can achieve a good goal if you already know the category to key this marketing promotion into.

4. Duration of Campaign: It helps a lot if you let options guide you when it comes to duration. If you plan to extend your campaign for a month, what happens if your money runs out? The Eskimi DSP algorithm may be able to tell you how long your budget will run.

5. Main KPI: This is the Key Performance Indicator. You need it, in the long run, to know if your marketing campaign is really achieving any success. In addition to that, you may be able to see how your company is comparing to others in the same sector. You can take a look at your firm’s strategic, financial, and operational achievements, and be proud or ashamed of the results, especially when compared to that of your competitors.

6. Creatives: You have banners at your disposal. You can also decide if you want to run video ads or image ads.

7. Landing Page: Your landing page should be a dashboard that shows traffic and other metrics. Make sure it works properly. If it doesn’t it could affect the result of the marketing promotion.

8. Track It: You need to have the Eskimi tracking code to be able to do proper tracking in this regard. It may not be paramount, but it does help your campaign in getting better results. On your tracking dashboard, you can see the ads that are pending, those that are paused either by the system or by you. You will also see expired campaigns, budget limits, daily cap, and more.

Eskimi DSP Is Indeed Programmatic

It is hard to know how many people actually saw your TV or radio ads; it is hard to know how many people saw the ads placed on billboards. The story is completely different when it comes to Eskimi DSP. Truly, when you’re able to define your target audience, know how many people are reached, and how to engage them, you can get better results from your advertising.