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Everything in its time – LG declares that G7 is not late and is still on schedule

The G7 is not late and is still within LG’s timeline  – it’s revealed by the spokesman for the South Korean brand’s handset division through the last interview for Android Central this week.

Looking at all the rumors about the G6 successor that often brings more questions than answers, LG has decided to give its ultimatum to confirm that the G7 has not been canceled, despite the alleged order of chief executive Jo Seong-jin to restart the development from scratch.

Anyway, the company spokesman did not directly address the subject of reformulating the company’s G-series, just said that the ” official name of the cell phone will be announced at the right time .”

Unlike other strong names of this generation, like the compatriot Samsung Galaxy S9, the timid G7 still does not want to take advantage of the hype to put the spotlight on the community of rumors and leaks, and at that time of the championship, we still do not know any substantial details about it.

LG G7 concept.

LG is not going to take advantage of its passage through MWC 2018 to officialize the brand’s new top-of-the-line phone, but an upgraded version of the V30.

And speaking of G6, it is said that before the arrival of the G7 LG should launch a variant Raspberry Rose of the current model , so the information of the new smartphone are still scarce. The only renderings of the G7 released throughout January were false .

What’s more, it’s cool to know that LG is eyeing the feedback of the Android community to break the rumors and clarify that the seventh-generation cell phone, in fact, will still be introduced to the world someday. We look forward to its arrival.

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