Evleaks says Android P Developer Preview Coming Soon

February this year was a month full of rumors about the new flavor of the green robot system, the long awaited Android P. They point out that this new version of OS may bring native support to the iris scanner, measures that may decrease instability in applications and a lot more.

Adding to this, recently Evan Blass, Twitter user famous for leaking information and guessing many rumors, recently said that the first Developer Preview of Android P should be released now in the middle of this month of March. Follow the tweet.

This information makes a little sense, since since 2016 Google has been making these versions available to developers, and last year, instead of Android O, a preview was made available on March 21, which meets the date which Evleaks recently announced.

According to what has been commented in recent weeks, this new system is expected to bring more support to the new screens that are coming with the famous iPhone X-style slot and also an enhancement of integration with the iPhone Google.

Now we have only to wait until the end of this month to find out if Evan Blass really gave other accurate information. However, given its history, it is very capable this can actually happen.

Do you think the date pointed out by Evleaks might be correct? Be sure to comment and check out that Google has reported that 125 countries now have support for downloading videos thanks to YouTube Red.

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