Exposed! TikTok and other apps access users’ clipboards on iOS 14

Apple introduced a new security patch with the release of iOS 14 and this has enabled them to reveal the number of iOS apps that read what users try whenever they are on screen. One of the apps involved in this act is the popular video-sharing app, TikTok.

TikTok has earlier been exposed to be involved in the practice earlier this year. However, in March, the company made an announcement that it will end the practice in a few weeks. As it turns out, the company didn’t. The company was exposed thanks to a new feature on iOS 14 which notifies users whenever an app tries to access the clipboard of their device. There have been other apps that have also been caught in this act thanks to the new feature. Some of them include Accuweather, Patreon, Google News, Overstock, AliExpress, and Call of Duty Mobile.

According to a spokesman from TikTok, a feature on the TikTok app which is designed to identify repetitive and spammy behavior is the cause of the issue. The spokesman also revealed that the company has submitted a new app update to the Apple App Store which does not come with the anti-spam feature that accesses the clipboard of users. He made no indications, however, as to when an Android version of the update will be released.

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