Ezviz DB1C WiFi Smart Doorbell – Extra Layer of Security

Ezviz Db1c Doorbell Security
Ezviz Db1c Doorbell Security

Security doorbells are no longer as complicated to set up as they used to be. These days, with simplicity, comes some advantages. One advantage of Ezviz DB1C is that it adds an extra layer of security in the way of video.

Ezviz DB1C is able to connect to an existing doorbell wiring. Why is this advantageous? You don’t need to power it since it is wired to the doorbell itself. You know that camera is always powered.

Ezviz DB1C Simplicity

Here is a gadget that is easy to use, after a simple installation. You can easily connect it though you’re not obligated to do so if you don’t have the know-how. You could simply call a neighbor who could do it, or better still call a professional electrician.

Standout Features

A noticeable feature of the Ezviz DB1C is that it has a Wi-Fi connection to dual-band Wi-Fi of 2.4GHz and 5GHz. It means that this gadget is able to have a fast internet connection when it is at a good range with a 5 GHz frequency.

Another noticeable feature is that the 2.1mm, f2.4 angle lens is able to provide a 170-degree vertical field of view in 1080p HD quality. Also when the doorbell rings, the owner is able to get the notification on his or her smartphone. How is that possible? When the doorbell button is pressed, it initiates a notification to the Ezviz DB1C app on the user’s smartphone. The user can also see on his smartphone who’s at the door. The two-way audio communication made it possible.

Ezviz Db1c
Ezviz Db1c

Ezviz DB1C AI Algorithm

The AI algorithm is a great thing for those who know how to use it. Of course, it is easy to test. The AI algorithm is so good that it allows notification to reach you when a presence is felt near your door. The person doesn’t have to press the doorbell for you to know he is there.

In one case, doorbell cameras have been known to get unnecessary inference from inanimate things. But with the Ezviz DB1C, a proper setting wouldn’t give your doorbell headache unless you want it. Make sure you properly set what the camera detects inside the app manager. The app manager can control both indoor and outdoor security cameras.


There’s a built-in microSD slot that supports your memory cards up to 256 GB of recorded content. It sure pretty much makes it possible for you to trace events for a long period.

The images can be stored in a cloud, and that means you have to pay for storage on the cloud. There are different payment plans for users to check from. You can store up to 30 days of video history.

Ezviz Db1c Smart
Ezviz Db1c Smart

Security and Durability

The Ezviz DB1C is ensured in such a way that data transmission between the camera and the Ezviz Cloud is encrypted from one end to the other end. The AES 128 but encryption technology makes that possible. TLS encryption and multiple authentication steps are also available.

For durability, the Ezviz DB1C video doorbell has an IP65 water-resistant rating. This necessary because the doorbell will be situated on the outside, exposing it to rain, and dust.


This Ezviz DB1C is a nice product to buy, not just for your homes but also for offices. It is a very good choice for people who want to do more, such as enjoying a new way of controlling your music, or the probability of seeing Microsoft Teams notifications.


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