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F1 Mobile Racing Game – Blaze on the Field with Speed

The best mobile games are made with the right balance in place. You don’t want to have an excellent experience with a game, and when you leave it, your save points are going down the drain, or you lose progress. I’m sure that’s not definitely what you want. The game, F1 Mobile Racing, closes the gap between casual and hardcore gaming, which makes it so balanced. In regards to this, the game can let you play short-blast races that you can customize to your own skill level. It’s a great feature that works well but sometimes, it isn’t that great. Codemasters developed and designed the F1 mobile racing game even as they have the PC version. The game has excellent visuals and offers an exciting experience. Android or iOS users can download the game to their devices.

When you launch the game to play, you’re greeted with a tutorial that gives you details on the controls of your car and other general stuff you’ll need to know about playing the game. When starting the racing, assists are on. These facilities include auto acceleration, wheel assist, braking assist, and traction control. After playing the game for a while and have grasped it better, you can disable the assists and put your skills to the test. Though it’s possible to drive with the assists off, it is quite difficult.

F1 Mobile Racing 2
F1 Mobile Racing

Looking at the game visually reveals an alluring sight and controls have a responsive feel. The game is loaded with several modes and one of them is Duels, an online 1v1 mode. You can play as a single player against bots in the offline mode where you have options of selecting the track of your choice, the difficulty level and the number of laps. The game also sports real-time multiplayer mode where you play against another player with 18 other cars and you vie for the first position. Rollings are in position, with qualifying sessions and 1v1 showdowns are present. Safety rating and ranking are put in place to make for fair matches. There is a challenge mode where you can win cards and in-game currency when you complete several challenges available. Graphics are great and sound effects too. The user interface is average as sometimes it feels laggy.

F1 Mobile Racing 1
F1 Mobile Racing

Customization is available for you to tweak the look of your own F1 car. You can make your car look the way you want and make it distinguished on the field. The game boasts of several customization options for your F1 car. There are decaps, various paint schemes, drivers helmets that you can choose from an array of designs. Upon completion of every race, you’re given a crate of parts to upgrade your car. These parts include suspension, bargeboards, and brakes that affect different parameters such as aero, handling, power, and weight. You surely want to have all these to beat your rivals.

F1 Mobile Racing
F1 Mobile Racing

Though it gives an exciting experience while on the field, it is not without bugs and glitches which you might come across. AI cars programming are not so great, and matchmaking is not good at times. It would be better if the improvement is done on the matchmaking function, and the AI car are well optimized.

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