Face ID of the iPhone X is cheated again and company does not recommend use for banking transactions

Vietnamese security firm Bkav has once shown how easy it is to circumvent Face ID security with a well-crafted mask. In the first video that the company released, a mask with 3D printing with makeup and 2D images managed to unlock the iPhone X.


This version took us 9 to 10 hours to fool the Face ID AI. It has proven that a mask can unlock the Face ID of the iPhone X.

But there are still experiments to be done. The company has created a new mask, with more or less the same procedure. It is a mask made in the 3D printer with makeup, a special procedure for the cheeks, where there are large areas of skin, and infrared eyes glued.

As you see, again it was possible to unlock iPhone X with the mask. This time, extra security options such as attention detection were enabled. This recess requires that the user is actually looking for the device to unlock.

As quoted by Ngo Tuan Ahn, vice president of cybersecurity at Bkav, the new mask worked as a twin of him. And we had seen before that the resource has difficulty in differentiating identical twins.

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However, it is interesting to note that this time the face registration was done shortly before the test, and only an unlock was performed before submitting the device to the mask. As we know, Face ID improves over time as more and more unlockings are performed.

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Anyway, the recommendation is not to use this feature in transactions, banking apps and the like. Apple still needs to improve the security of this facial unlocking method, which does not seem safer than a fingerprint, after all, despite what the company says.

Of course, you need materials and details of your face that are not so easy to get, but for all ills, it is better to prevent this. High definition photos of your face are more common on the internet – and even downloaded without your knowledge – than your fingerprint.

The same goes for the Samsung iris player, which can be taped with the same method used by Bkav to fool Face ID.

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