Facebook Launches Drive to Boost COVID-19 Acceptance in Nigeria


Many Nigerians are still unsure whether they should accept the COVID-19 vaccine or not. Some have promised not to have anything to do with those vaccines.

To this end, Facebook announced the launch of a new social media drive that allows people to add frames and graphics to their Facebook and Instagram that shows whether they have taken the vaccine or not or plan to do it.

Together with Facebook, the American Technology conglomerate is collaborating with the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) and other key regulatory bodies within the Health Sector in Nigeria, driving this initiative.

Fbcovid19vaccineprofileframe 600x315
Fb covid 19 vaccine profile frame

Facebook stated that it would use its scale and speed to reach people faster and help them get credible information, get vaccinated, and come back together safely.

As the access to COVID-19 vaccines intensifies across Nigeria, Facebook said that the new range of frames and GIPHY stickers would allow people to share their support for getting vaccinated with their family and friends.

Some of the frames and banners had words like- “Let’s Get Vaccinated” or “I got My COVID-19 Vaccine.” These are overlaid on the edge of users’ profile pictures next to a blue bubble that has the following- “We Can Do This.”

Facebook Frames
Facebook Frames

The reluctance of people not to accept vaccines is a worldwide issue, so Facebook hopes that launching these profile frames shows how social norms could have a major impact on people’s attitudes and behavior regarding health matters.

Facebook promises to promote these unique profile frames and GIFs to all Nigerian Facebook and Instagram users to raise vital vaccine confidence. According to Facebook, the frames and GIPHY stickers let you share your support for COVID-19  vaccines and see what others you respect and care about are doing the same.


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