Facebook, podcasts arrive on June 22


From June 22, Facebook will start rolling out podcasts for content creators, allowing podcasters to easily post new episodes to the social network’s feed.

To report it is The Verge explaining that the novelty will allow among other things listeners to create clips from their favorite programs.

In an email sent to the owners of pages dedicated to podcasting, Facebook reports the possibility of showing RSS Feeds on Facebook, automatically generating posts with RSS Feeds for all episodes as they are published.

The episodes will be shown in a “podcast” panel that is not yet active at the moment but that the company has shown as part of an announcement that in April anticipated various news related to audio.

Facebook Podcast
Facebook Podcast

Mark Zuckerberg has been interested in audio-related innovations for some time, referring to news that will allow you to take advantage of various tools related to audio creation, including Live Audio Rooms – live voice rooms – for everyone, Clubhouse style. Another new audio-related news are short audio posts called “Soundbites”, to be recorded with the smartphone and published in the timeline.

In April Zuckerberg explained that more than 170 million people are already connected to hundreds of thousands of podcast pages on Facebook and more than 35 million people are members of groups dedicated to podcasts, but until now it is necessary to leave the app. of Facebook to listen to them. It will soon be possible to listen to podcasts directly from the Facebook app, both while the app is in use, and with the app in the background.

There will be features that will allow users to identify new podcasts based on their interests and podcast creators to reach and connect with new listeners, all directly from the Facebook app.

The ability for podcasters to post on the Facebook platform should simplify the promotion of the programs, offering an additional reason to stay within the app. The system should also allow the Zuckerberg-based company to launch further initiatives in the field of advertising, also taking advantage of the news related to audio.


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