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Finally! Soon MIUI 9 will bring changes to your notification bar

MIUI is the custom Android user interface from Xiaomi, and it is known to have a lot of fans because of its look and its features. Recently the software came to version 9, and Xiaomi guarantees that it is the lightest, fastest and optimized mobile interface of this generation.

The first smartphones to receive the news brought by MIUI 9 Global were the Mi 6 and Redmi Note 4X, and there is also a list of models that would not have the update.

However, despite all the new features and functionality of MIUI 9, a lot of people were disappointed that the software still did not bring news in its notification bar.

This is a very old request from MIUI users who have up to several topics requesting a change in the software forum. One of the most basic features of pure Android is fast responses and simple notification expansion, something that MIUI 9 does not yet support.

Currently in the system, to expand the notifications it is necessary to make an uncomfortable gesture with two fingers (that many people do not know).

Now the update of MIUI 9 Global Beta version 7.11.23 has finally brought the notification scheme of Android stock to the Chinese software giant.

Notification grouping

The new notification dashboard presents notifications and information in a clean, concise way, grouping together all notifications per application, which makes the notification panel save space.

Whenever an application sends multiple notifications, MIUI groups them together to save space for more notifications, they can also be expanded by merely swiping or by touching the triangular icon on the side.

Quick Answers

Users can now respond to messages/conversations faster and more conveniently by simply tapping the Reply button next to the notification, all thanks to the quick response feature.

Information such as text, profile photos, and images can be viewed directly in the notifications panel without having to open the application. Check out some screenshots below:

It is worth remembering that, for now, the feature is in the Beta version of MIUI 9 and, therefore, still presents some bugs and problems mainly with the expansion of the notifications. The appeal should reach everyone in a future update of MIUI 9 that has not yet got a date.

Did you like the new MIUI 9 notification panel? Tell us your opinion here in the comments.

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