How To Fix A Frozen iPhone?


If your iPhone has a frozen screen, i.e it does not respond when you touch it, it is not the end of the world. A frozen iPhone can be seamlessly rectified.

See below for ways to solve the freezing problem:

How Can I Fix A Frozen iPhone?

It is true, there might be a serious issue with your iOS device, therefore if these steps do not give you the fix you want, you will need to reach out to Apple support.

1. Charge Your iPhone

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Charging your phone for a brief period of time can make things right again. If you want to be sure, plug your phone directly into a power adapter, not wireless charging or plugging into a PC’s USB port. Allow it to charge for half an hour and then attempt to use it again.

2. Restart Or Force-Restart Your iPhone

If your iOS device is not responding, attempt to restart your device by pressing the right button presses for your iPhone model.

If that does not provide a solution, then you can attempt to force-restart your device.

The restart and force-restart will not get rid of any applications or data, therefore this is a secure thing to do even with no recent backup.

3. Troubleshoot Your iPhone If It Freezes While Restarting

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If your iOS device successfully restarts but is stuck on the Apple logo, then you can connect your iPhone to a PC with iTunes installed and attempt some additional troubleshooting steps. Do this:

  1. Launch iTunes on the PC.
  2. Put your iPhone in recovery mode. The procedure to get it done will rely on which model iPhone you use.
  3. As soon as you view the option to restore or update your iPhone on your PC, tap “Update.” iTunes will then update the device without getting rid of your applications and data.

And you are done.


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