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How To Fix “Unfortunately Samsung Keyboard Has Stopped” Error?

Several Samsung smartphone owners have a problem with their keyboards from time to time.

Fortunately, this rampant Samsung keyboard issue can be seamlessly solved in just a few steps.

This tutorial will highlight precisely what has to be done and will present you with some remarkable, alternative keyboards.

Samsung Galaxy M30S

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What Can I Do When My Samsung Keyboard Stops Working?

Were you interrupted with the “Unfortunately, Samsung Keyboard Has Stopped Working” message as you texted anyone? If that is the case, below is all you need to do:

  1. Head to your Samsung smartphone’s Settings. You can just scroll down from the top of your Home screen and click “Settings” from there.
  2. Swipe down and click “Apps.” You will have to hold on for sometime before the full list of applications you have downloaded will be visible on your Samsung phone.
  3. Click on the 3 vertical dots in the upper-right corner.
  4. When that is done, a dropdown menu will be seen with various options. Click on Show System Apps. As the name hints, clicking on it will reveal the system applications that have been built into your phone.
  5. Swipe all the way down and click ” Samsung Keyboard.”
  6. Right there, you will be able to try 2 options that will assist you to rectify the problem.

The first thing that can be done is you clicking “Force Stop.” This button can be seen close to “Disable” which is always grayed out since it cannot be used for system apps. Immediately you click “Force Stop,” your Samsung Keyboard application will instantly stop working.

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As soon as you try to use your Samsung keyboard again, the full app will be reset and there will be no error message.

The 2nd option has a more manual approach but it is very simple to do. You have to tap “Storage” rather than “Force Stop.” This will take you to a different screen where 2 buttons will be visible- Clear Data and Clear Cache.

Clear Cache will get rid of files, scripts, pictures, and other media files that are saved on your mobile phone by apps and websites (in this case by the Samsung Keyboard app). Getting rid of those media files will not remove your vital app files, therefore the app will be useful as before.

“Clear Data” is used to clear the app’s cache, but it can clear other settings that are stored inside the app itself.

You have to click on both of these buttons to rectify the Samsung keyboard problem. By so doing, the application will be totally reset. Immediately you use your Samsung keyboard again, the application will instantly have all of its updates installed and set to be used.

This will totally refresh your application and have it upgraded seamlessly.

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What Can I Do If My Samsung Keyboards Stops Working More Often?

Pls know that the method above will not stop the issue from ever occurring again. They only stand for an easy solution that will last for a particular period of time. Meaning the application has stopped working because of a small glitch it experiences when there is a lot of data to handle.

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But, if your Samsung keyboard crashes regularly, it might be a problem with your device’s operating system.

In that case, it is possible to install software that will repair the problem and assist with other major issues.

The software is named dr.fone Repair for Android. Before we break down how you can use this software, you must be certain that you installed the right version on your PC. The official dr.fone Repair tool can be installed from here.

After downloading this software, these are the instructions to adhere to:

  1. Launch the dr.fone Repair tool on your PC.
  2. Link your Samsung mobile device to your PC.
  3. Select “Repair” from the software’s initial screen.
  4. When that is done, tap “Android Repair.”
  5. All of the fixable Samsung system problems will be revealed there. Just tap “Start” to continue.
  6. A fresh window will be displayed, just choose your mobile phone’s details.
  7. Tap “Next,” and a fresh window will be visible.
  8. Type 000000 in the empty field. This will confirm that you are fixing Samsung’s firmware.
  9. Enter your device’s Download mode by adhering to on-screen guidelines
  10.  Hold on for everything to be downloaded to your PC and then transferred to your smartphone, and that is that.

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