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In recent years, the gaming landscape has been dominated almost hegemonically by battle royale games, where the goal is to be the last survivor in a world with many other players and a safe area that diminishes over time.

The popularity began with PUBG on computers, extending with the smash hit Fortnite which, in addition to being fun, colorful and full of different mechanics, was always free on consoles, computers, and later on mobile phones. However, the ease of gameplay on a smartphone, an accessory that almost everyone has, has brought another game to this successful universe.

This is Garena’s game Free Fire, which has innovated in a gameplay completely created to make it easy to play on the mobile, with different and improved mechanics, very attractive graphics and fun guaranteed for many hours.

The game receives constant updates and improvements for the community, including an item store that is constantly updated for those who love cosmetics such as clothes and gun skins, for example.

The 4-player squad mode is also a separate universe, as Garena’s game brings live chat alongside the gameplay for players to have fun with friends, discuss strategies and meet new people.

The game is not as heavy as other battle royales and ends up with support for most smartphones.

However, it is not only on mobile phones that the game makes the head of the players- those who have computers can also download Free Fire and play more comfortably and accurately, as the addition of the keyboard and mouse increase their chances of victory and gameplay. more advanced, especially at times when the shots need to be accurate and the buttons can’t let you down to survive.

Our Opinion for Free Fire for PC

Free Fire PC is a completely separate world where a player can use his Android emulator to access a game that previously could only be played within the confines of the phone’s small screen and with buttons very close to each other.

To play Garena’s game, simply download one of the most popular Android emulators such as Gameloop, Memuplayer or Bluestacks, for example, and access the application library to find and download Free Fire PC.

It is also available on the Google Play store to play for free on a variety of supported phones. Test the game on your smartphone, and if you feel the experience may be better, look for the computer alternative, which can increase the fun and gameplay considerably.

Many emulators feature advanced button configurations and perfect emulation between the original game and the PC, so you don’t feel the real difference in graphics and overall gameplay without bottlenecks or crashes. The only difference is the improved response and commands when using computer accessories and a larger screen, which gives you the ability to see more of the map and any hidden players.

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