Full Leaks of Samsung’s Next Galaxy A90 with Full Screen

Smartphone leaks Samsung A90
Smartphone leaks Samsung A90

In this report, we review the latest leaks about the new Samsung A90 smartphone and the technical specifications we expect from it.

Smartphone leaks Samsung A90

  • In terms of design, the Samsung A90 is expected to come with a modern design in which the screen occupies a very distinct area of ​​the front of the phone. It is not known exactly what technology Samsung will go with about the front camera and its position. But it seems from the pictures and leaks of the phone that the front camera will come merged under the screen so that the phone is able to expand the screen to include the front area almost completely.
  • The phone is expected to come with support for running both 3G and 4G mobile networks. With the ability to run two mobile phones, which helps to separate the personal and practical life of users with the ability to take advantage of mobile offers.

  • The phone is expected to come with a screen of 7.73 inches of AMOLED with 19- 9-pixel pixels per inch, a good rate that enables the phone to operate under direct sunlight without feeling the user suffering from the inability to see screen elements. The screen also comes with a protective layer against scratches and bumps.
  • In terms of cameras, the phone is expected to come with a rear camera 48 + 12 + 5-megapixel camera with the features of the panorama and HDR with the ability to shoot video clips quality of 4K and the front camera of the phone is not known accuracy.
  • The phone is expected to come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 eight-core processor with the Adreno 640 graphics processor. The Android OS 9 operating system is the latest operating system from Google and the phone is expected to come with 64 GB internal storage with 6 GB RAM and internal memory can be increased up to 512 GB. We expected the phone to come with more storage space, but we will wait for the official announcement of the specifications of the phone to be our final opinion about it

  • The Yate phone is expected with a 3700 mA non-removable battery with 25 Watt fast-charging power which is a first-time experience from Samsung
  • We do not know exactly what price might be advertised for this phone. But the price of the phone can be identified once it is issued through the Yaqouta website.


  • The operating system mentioned as the latest systems accepted by the smartphones in the article is the system listed on the official website of the company at the time the article was written, and some smartphones may accept upgrades for later versions of operating systems.
  • Smartphone prices listed in this article are prices listed in the stores at the time of publication of the article, prices are changing up and down according to market movement.


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