Galaxy A90 – High-end middle class probably only for China

For several weeks, rumors about a Galaxy A90 appear again, which is probably the flagship of the new A-middle class.

A few weeks ago, Ice Universe had already tweeted about the device and said that it will be the first Samsung smartphone, which similar to the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will have a “slider”, that is, the front camera sits between the back and front and you have to move up to use them.

The technology is now nothing new, but Samsung seems to equip this slider with another feature that sounds quite interesting. The rumor was made by Leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer aka Onleaks. In his tweet, he writes that the Galaxy A90 probably has, as Ice Universe had mentioned, a slider and that the main camera on the back can be turned forward to use it as a selfie camera.

The whole thing sounds not only very interesting but could also be something that I can imagine in the flagship. As a result, it would be possible, at least to the top, to build the display almost flush with the frame. The only question is, as Samsung imagines that turns the camera in the slider – sounds at least complicated. What would you think if in the future Samsung instead of a “Punchhole” would put on a slider, which carries the camera in itself? For now, at least it seems to be only a solution for China.

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