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Galaxy X and Gear S4! Patents reveal details on screen and battery of future gadgets

According to recent rumors, we will finally meet the Galaxy X next week. The Samsung’s mysterious flexible smartphone can go head-to-head at CES 2018, and a new leak that began to circulate late yesterday (4) underscores that the device is already in advanced stages of development. According to a patent filed by Samsung, the gadget will use its flexibility to feel the force exerted by the user on your screen – something similar to Apple’s 3D Touch.

However, this is not the most interesting leak. The patents disclosed also making reference to South Korean plans for its next smartwatch, which will possibly be christened Gear S4. The gadget will be equipped with a biometric reader positioned underneath its display and will have luminous ledges that light up and extinguish to act as a “meter,” displaying, for example, the progress to complete some activity or something.

In addition, to increase the wearable lifespan, Samsung plans to employ flexible batteries in the watch strap. This allows the brand to build a thinner gadget as there will no longer be a need to insert a larger component within the wearable case itself. We still do not know when these gadgets will be officially revealed, but we are hoping that some interesting information will also emerge during CES 2018.

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