Gaming on Corei9: Is the Laptop Core i9 Best For Gaming?

The Core i9 is Intel’s top-notch processor. Luckily, there are versions available for laptops too. Featuring some fast and advanced technology, the Core i9 has come a long way from its predecessors. Given that laptops have a disadvantage when it comes to gaming, would the Core i9 be able to hold its own during gaming?

The specifications of the Corei9

Introduced in 2017, the Core i9 processors are a symbol of absolute power and speed. The Intel Core i9 processors are built with up to 16 cores, as seen in the desktop version, and up to 14 cores in mobile versions(laptops and workstations). Any gamer wouldn’t have any problems running the best video games on the processor.

Being the fastest cores in the Intel Core-series, we expect the Core i9 to have some of the highest frequency speeds and overclocking capabilities. While we must bear in mind that the desktop version of the same Core processor does not perform equally across various PC types, that being said, the Core i9 would perform better on a desktop PC than on a notebook or laptop. Mobile workstations may want to compete with the desktop variants, but they are easily outperformed.

As the latest build of processors from Intel, we expect that the Corei9 will pack many new features. For example, it can take up to 256GB of RAM on the desktop version, 32GB of RAM on workstations, and at least 16GB on smaller desktops like Ultrabooks, Chromebooks, etc.

There are numerous versions of the Intel Core i9. Generally, it is categorized into generations like its predecessors. The Core i9 has 13 generations, with the 13th generation sitting at the top of the food chain and only available for desktop PCs. The 12th generation is next and is both available for desktops and mobile PCs.

As I mentioned earlier, the Core i9 has a high frequency. Some chips have maximum frequencies sitting at 5.0GHz at their highest performance and 3.6GHz at moderate performance. With all these awesome specs, the underlying questions remain. Even though the Core i9 performance is impeccable, would it be wise to buy it for the sake of gaming?

Difference between Desktop and Laptop Core i9 processors

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I mentioned earlier that the Corei9 processors are built differently even though they are based on the same architecture. Some are best suited for desktop PCs, while others are specifically made for mobile PCs. For example, the Intel Core i13000, Core i12000, Core i11000, and Core i10000 series are only found on desktop and server CPUs.

On the other hand, we can get the same processors on the mobile desktop but with less power and performance. For example, Intel’s Core i12000H, Core i11000H, Core i9000H, or any Intel Core processor you see with a letter ‘H’ at the end is most likely a mobile version.

Okay! You should not expect your laptop to deliver the same performance in gaming as a desktop PC running the same processor. First, the processors on the desktop can run at higher frequencies and aren’t inhibited by overheating. Secondly, desktops can house a more powerful and game-dedicated GPU that would render a high-definition video of the game.

So, if you are buying the Core i9 for the sake of gaming, you should ensure that the Core i9 on the laptop has some decent graphics running with it. Otherwise, you’d have wasted a lot of money.

Gaming Corei9 CPUs for laptops

Since Core i9 is the latest model of the Intel series, any of the processors can handle any game. While laptop processors can also run games, they face a very important setback due to a flaw in their design. Laptops are mobile versions of desktop computers, they possess the same components as the desktop. However, these components have been shrunk to the smallest possible size for the sake of mobility. Consequently, there is very little breathing room for the delicate components that require constant ventilation.

So during gameplay, the laptop processor would occasionally overheat, throttle, and slow down for a few moments to cool down. This directly affects the frame rates of games, thereby obstructing the gaming experience. Hence, you must investigate the laptop’s power threshold, thermal restraints, and CPU and GPU.

Also, you must remember that laptops that house these processors are expensive. So should you spend that much on an expensive processor when its cheaper siblings would perform just as well with regards to gaming? Wait a minute, did I just say older processors would perform just as well as the Core i9 in the gaming department? Yes, I did.

You are now wondering why I said so. That is because the CPU is not solely responsible for rendering video games. Having a Core i9 CPU with a quack GPU would still deliver a disappointing gaming experience. While getting a moderate to high-end Corei5 with a good GPU would deliver remarkably when it comes to gaming.

So what are the Core i9 gaming Laptops in the markets for laptops?

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The first Intel Core i9 mobile processor was the Intel Core i9 8th generation. According to Intel’s spec sheet, the processor comes with 6 cores, 12 threads, and a 12MB cache memory, which complements the processing power. It is said to support Hyper-threading Technology, which doubles the working speed of the individual cores and would provide a more enjoyable, hassle-free gaming experience.

The major advantage of the Core i9 is its sheer number of cores. This means that your game can run smoothly since all the tasks are distributed among the cores and threads. So, in this aspect, the Core i9 defeats its predecessor.

Does Corei9 Improve gaming performance?

Definitely, the Core i9 has more cores and threads than its predecessors. Also, the chip technology of the Core i9 minimizes the throttling as seen on older chips. The display rendering capability of the Core i9 is another factor that puts the Core i9 above its older siblings. With all these specs, the Core i9 would no doubt make a marvelous gaming processor, especially when the laptop is equipped with a powerful GPU to complement it. Although even without the GPU, the Core i9 can produce images in 4K UHD and also has an integrated UHD graphics unit. which is currently one of the best-integrated graphics of the Intel franchise.

Can you play games and live stream at the same time?

Yes, you can. This is made possible by the multiple cores that make up the Core i9 chip. So, assuming your Core i9 is not under stress or has a GPU to complement it, you should be able to play video games, live stream, and check your social media feed at the same time without witnessing any sluggishness from the laptop. Your gameplay would be smooth and crisp.

Moreover, the core i9 can support a RAM of 32 GB, although older high-end processes also had this capability. Nonetheless, Core i9 brings this feature to the front line, where it can be accessed by the everyday user who wishes t have ample RAM.

Is the CPU speed not enough? The Core i9 comes with over-cooking capabilities that allow the user to push the frequency of the processor beyond its limits. So, in practical terms, if you have a processor with a frequency of 2.6GHz, you could overclock it to 3.4GHz. The Core i9 is known to reach an outstanding 5GH. That’s crazy!

Performance compared to the Core i7

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The Core i7 is the immediate predecessor of the Core i9, but are their performances different? Considering that the Core i7 is still being upgraded and, in some cases, may outperform the Core i9, the Core i7 once held the belt as Intel’s most powerful mainstream CPU, which wasn’t so long ago. So now that leaves us with the question, is the Core i9’s performance way ahead of the Core i7?

First, it is important to note that you can’t outright compare them because both of them do not represent just one processor or one line of chips. To properly compare them, we need to choose a Core i7 that is the same generation as the Core i9, has a similar socket, and has the same number of cores and threads. Another important factor to consider is the heat threshold.

One easy way to perform this test without having to draw up an excel sheet is to use a performance benchmark test. In the benchmark, CPUs that cost more, like the Core i9, would show better performance. Remember, though, that the benchmark is testing the overall performance. On paper, the Core i9 would win the battle of being the fastest chip in the market. Note that the Core i7 is not left behind by a big margin. The performance differences cannot even be noticed with the naked eye.

Is a Core i9 laptop worth it for gaming?

No, not really. You might be surprised, but to be honest, you don’t need the most powerful processors in the market to run most games. While chip manufacturers use the selling point of “multiple cores mean better performance”, it is not the case for all applications that run on a PC. Most games don’t need the massive number of cores and threads that come with a laptop processor. Surprised? You should be. The high-end older Core i3 and Core i5 would still deliver just as smoothly as the Core i7 and the Core i9.

Don’t forget that even the older generations are not left behind when it comes to power. For example, the Core i5-11600k comes with six cores and 12 threads and can handle almost every PC game you throw at it. Furthermore, the Core i5 and Core i3 would most likely be less expensive than the Core i9.
The only scenario where the Core i9 has the upper hand is in games (Esports) that require monitors with high refresh rates. The Core i9 multicore processing could come in handy.

For the final verdict, the type of game you play would determine whether you need to have the most expensive Intel chip installed in a laptop for the sole purpose of gaming. This all boils down to doing your homework on the games and how much power they need to run without obstructing the player experience. Some games that require high monitor refresh rates are GTAV, Civilization series, FIFA, Call of Duty, PUBG, and some other online games. Remember, another processor can run these games, but to obtain an optimum gameplay experience, you should get a processor with a higher core count.

Are Laptops with Core i9 built for Gaming?

The Core i9 is a top-tier processor built for creators and gamers. Again, depending on the time of the game you are playing, you might not need dedicated graphics. This means that the integrated graphics unit would suffice. Gaming on the Core i9 is one of its selling points. We see advertisements like “More FPS with Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord while Gaming, Streaming and Recording” on Intel’s website. The Core i9 can support faster and more RAM than some of its predecessors.

It comes inbuilt with UHD graphics which can run a lot of games. The over-clocking feature and support for Thunderbolt 4 is another selling point of the Core i9. The Core i9, on all fronts, is a powerful chip that would run any game without hassle. It was built for productivity and delivers on its promise.

Does the Core i9 Need a Powerful GPU?

If you’re running games that need serious power, then the Core i9 on its own wouldn’t be able to run such games. Even though it has a UHD graphics unit, it is still mediocre compared to AMD and NVidia’s rivals. Check your game specifications.


The Core i9 is a marvelous processing unit that was recently introduced into the mobile sphere of PCs. It was created to serve gamers who require a stable and enjoyable gameplay experience. If you’ve got the money, you can opt for a laptop that houses a Core i9 for your gaming. Without a doubt, it is a gaming CPU.