How You Can Get AdSense Approval Fast


What Is AdSense?

Numerous individuals today imagine that getting AdSense account is exceptionally troublesome and requires you to have an “extraordinary website”, with loads of traffic. However, it is great to be reasonable; there are certain steps to follow before getting an AdSense account approval.

AdSense is an advertising platform owned by Google. The platform is designed for website publishers who want to display targeted text, video or image advertisements on their site(s)/blog(s) pages to earn money when site visitors view and click the advert.


Presently, I will give you incredible steps to follow to get AdSense approval quick! Below are what to do to get quick AdSense approval.

1. Design


Let’s start with the arrangement of your website. It is imperative to have a clean and easy to read template or theme.

What I recommend is to have a white background and the text black or colour someone can read easily. This will go easy on the eyes of your readers.


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Have a header with a menu where the pages or categories will show. In the sidebar, it is good to place popular posts, if possible with a thumbnail (small picture to preview), then a widget to search and if you want links to your website categories.

Use a minimalist theme that loads easily. Remember Google loves speed!

It is essential to know that been simple always wins. The Google team aren’t looking to be wowed by your website’s beauty; they want your content to load quickly and be easily accessible.

Which brings us to the second point.

2. Pages

I think this is one of the most important parts. You necessarily need to create three pages:

  • “Privacy policy” page
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This is one of the common mistakes that most Bloggers make and they do this many times before approval. Although there are people out there that say they having a privacy policy for a blog does not make sense, but they are wrong.


A Privacy policy describes to your readers about what they will be getting from your blog, what you do and what you will not. So obviously, there’s nothing wrong with having a privacy policy. It shows Google that you value your visitors’ privacy and will tell them (your visitors) how you will do that. You can write or find the Privacy Policy Generated online (you do not need a lawyer anyway).

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  • “About Us” page

Most people have agreed that having an “about” page has a greater role and is an important step to get your AdSense approval fast.This will not only help establish a relationship with readers, but it will also make them trust you. Also, write your name and address for which you are applying for the AdSense account.

  •  “Contact Us” page

Clearly, everyone has their opinion. What one of your readers likes can be annoying for someone else. So it is better to give them the opportunity to talk to you and tell you how they feel about your blog, what they want to be released, what they like or hate.

It will also show AdSense team that your site cares about its readers and not only about money and AdSense.

3. Use a Top Level Domain

internet browser

Basically, there are two types of Domains – Internet Top-level Domains and Sub-Domains.

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Some Top-level domains are (dot)com, (dot)net, (dot)org, (dot)info, (dot)me, (dot)gov. Top-level country domains are (dot)ng for Nigeria, (dot)us for the United States, (dot)uk for the United Kingdom, etc. Sub-domains are (dot)blogspot.com, (dot)tumblr.com, (dot)wordpress.com, etc. It is most important thing to use top-level domain because they help you to increase your site traffic, and that can also help you to get Google AdSense approval fast. Although you can use your blogger AdSense for your blogspot sub-domain, it is always best to work with a top-level domain.

Another important thing about domain is the age of your blog. Because for most countries, AdSense has an age limit. No blog’s age below six months has ever been approved (I might be wrong though).

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4. Content

Clearly, you need good content to be approved by AdSense, but the question is how many articles do you need to apply for AdSense?

There is no exact answer. Because I’ve seen many established blogs with 400+ articles and Google AdSense keeps rejecting them, while some people with 40-50 posts are enjoying the AdSense program. As I said, there is no real answer. However, we can always predict things. In my experience, it should only apply to you more than 80 unique articles. Please make sure these are articles you wrote yourself (unique), you can post articles from other websites while giving due credit, but the large chunk of articles should be your intellectual property.


Also dear readers, please remember that your reason for having a blog should not only be because you want to display adverts on your site but mainly because you want your readers to enjoy the information you are offering them. Be original, be realistic, be friendly and your visitors will love your website for that. And when you eventually decide to host AdSense on your website, these your loyal visitors will like to click on some ads on your website.

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Blog because of your love your readers, not because you want to display Ads.

Now to get is fast after you have done all these above follow this steps below.

  1. Signup and create account in Youtube.com
  2. Use your phone and capture a video
  3. Upload the video to Youtube
  4. Monetize the video

They will approve a (hosted) AdSense account for you. You will only be able to show ads on Google partner websites like Blogspot, hub pages, Youtube, etc.


The Best Way (Recommended)

  1. Create a blog (Fully Self Hosted Blog) on Blogger (with your custom domain)
  2. Publish about 30-50 original articles with at least 400-600 words each (Don’t use any image unless you own or created them.
  3. Make sure you have the following on your blog – Privacy policy page, about me page, search, categories, tags, archives, menu, popular post.
  4. Apply for AdSense

They will approve your application at first attempt (If you follow these steps well). But, if you are not, don’t be discourage, continue to update your blog with original contents and apply again after sometimes. Sure, you will get it.

Now you know how to get AdSense account in both the easy way and the best way can you kindly comment below to show how you feel or what you want to know.

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