1. Hey! thanks for the informative article. I am also a Nigerian and ordered my card but once it got to Nigeria, I could not track it anymore and haven’t received a call from the local post office since then. I will be leaving Nigeria in 7 days and was wondering if I would receive the card before the 10th of October if I placed the order today. Thanks in anticipation.

  2. Hello there, I AM Robben from rwanda, and i am willing to order a payoneer master card. yet, the addressing system is not well established in country. so is it possible that I can order a card via dhl or fedex, and instead of them transporting it to me on my address which is unknown, That I myself can go there on the nearby office of fedex or dhl and correct my card from their office?

    • Yes you can, when they are about to deliver to you, they will give you a call, that is when you will ask for their office address and that you will come there yourself to pick your package up, SIMPLE


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