GKCI Bug Zapper Mosquito Killer – Price & Features

Gkci Bug Zapper 1
Gkci Bug Zapper 1

Mosquitos are a big problem worldwide. Whether you’re in your home, at the club, in the restaurant, at the picnic, you need to protect yourself from their bite. If you’re inside a building, the GKCI Bug Zapper Mosquito Killer and attractant is excellent for you.

Bug Zapper Mosquito Killer Overview

The GKCI Bug Zapper Mosquito killer device is an eco-friendly electronic product. It is zero on chemical substances, toxins, radiations, and it is good to be placed in your child’s room. The electronic device operates quietly without disturbing anyone. The best thing is that it allows everyone in the room to enjoy a mosquito-free night.

This product features LED lamp with three lighting modes. They are good for not only attracting mosquitos and other insects but they are also good for lighting. So, many people use it as a means of reading in poor light. It is also a good electronic device to use for those who are always out camping. It greatly reduces bug bites, buzzing, and mosquito bites.

This gadget is easy to clean. Even if there are insects hanging inside, it doesn’t prevent easy cleaning. Try to do the cleaning once a week, according to what is recommended by the manufacturer. Just rinse the bottom collection tray directly and get rid of the insects at once. Also, there’s a brush that you can use to make the cleaning work easier. Cover the charging ports before rinsing them down.

Don’t worry if rain touches it. It will not get damaged. Neither does the sunshine hurts the product. It is also able to work without interruptions. It simply lures insects, then quickly zaps them with a 500V electric shock.

Gkci Bug Zapper 1
Gkci Bug Zapper

Places Where GKCI Bug Zapper Can Be Used

It can be used in a wide variety of places. Buyers find that the Bug Zapper Mosquito Killer has been very effective in bedrooms, halls, hotels, offices, backyards, parks, during camping and picnic occasions. It gives wide coverage on many occasions. With its powerful mosquito control capability and the three levels of LED lights, it works wonders.


  • Very light and easy to use
  • Easy charging, lasts longer
  • The light it creates is powerful and beautiful
  • Zaps well


  • Mosquitos are not drawn to the light always as expected
  • Poor operations alfresco
Gkci Bug Zapper
Gkci Bug Zapper

GKCI Bug Zapper for Killing Wide Range of Insects

Most insects are attracted and killed by the Bug Zapper. It kills most bugs and insects such as flies, bed bugs, mosquitos, moths, other crawling and flying insects.

GKCI Bug Zapper Mosquito Killer/Fly Trap Price

GKCI Bug Zapper is priced at $28.99. At least, for now, that’s what it costs on Amazon. You may find it at a different price in other online stores.

Questions & Answers

  1. (Q) Does it give off-odor? (Ans) No. there is no smell or dangerous fumes from it.
  2. (Q) What about electric shock? (ANS) No need to worry. It is wrapped in an ABS plastic shell.
  3. (Q) How long-lasting is it? (Ans) it is tough and durable.
  4. (Q) How effective is it? (Ans) Very effective. Once you charge the battery for a few hours, about three, you’re good to go. It starts killing and maiming insects immediately. The battery is able to last for 15 hours.


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