How To Use GLO Beep Service Without Airtime

Use GLO Beep Without Airtime
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Glo Beep is simply a package from Glo to help customers call anyone without airtime on their smartphone. It is basically similar to the MTN Beep service, and the only difference is the networks involved. This tutorial will break down how to use this service and the instructions to adhere to. See How To Use GLO Beep Service Without Airtime:

Use GLO Beep Without Airtime
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What Glo Beep Is All About:

As I explained above, Glo Beep helps subscribers to send notifications to their loved ones and friends, making them know that they are trying to get across to them despite being out of airtime. Be aware that this service can be enjoyed by all GLO subscribers who have registered their GLO Line.

According to the telecom company, the Glo Beep service will definitely be a relief for customers who require a last resort to reach out to those they care about. Glo had this to say via a statement, “Subscribers will simply call their contacts with low or zero balance, the network will leave a “missed call” on the called number, requesting them to call back, and the called party will see a missed call and be prompted to return the call.”

Glo believes this service is completely free, and users of the network have benefited since its launch. While begging citizens to make good use of their new package to communicate without credit from time to time, Glo guaranteed the delivery of more innovative packages henceforth.

According to the Nigerian owned network, the Glo Beep Call service is a brilliant way to keep lovers of the company talking on the Glo network, especially when the call is pretty urgent and sudden.

2 Glo users who have tried this service have even testified about its effectiveness and usefulness. A Property Manager in Lagos, Moyosola Ladipo, had this to say, “It was the Glo Beep Call Service that saved the situation. I had exhausted my credit, hoping to recharge in the neighbourhood when I get home. I used the beep service call, and lo and behold, my wife called back and later sent me credit, which I used to contact my Mechanic, who came in later to fix the car.”

Another customer, Amisu Usman, who misplaced his wallet and got stranded around Abuja, also shared his testimony, “My brother called me after seeing the missed call on his phone, and I explained my situation after which he transferred money to me, which I collected at a nearby bank for my transport fare back home, It was not funny that day, the Glo beep service saved me.”

Use Glo Beep Service:

Using the Glo Beep service is not complicated in any way – simply call your family member or friend with zero airtime balance on your phone, and whoever you are calling will receive a missed call notification that will prompt them to call you right back.

Be aware that this service will not work if you have airtime on your phone. It’ll only work with a GLO line with an empty balance. You should also know that it’ll not just work for Glo to Glo lines alone; other networks are included as well.

Glo Always-On Service:

Globacom is prepared to tackle phone users’ common problem, whose lines get disconnected after ninety days of no activity. To help customers in this situation, Glo recently launched “Always On,” a brand new tariff plan which lets subscribers retain their phone numbers for a complete year even if their lines are inactive during that period.

In a recent statement released in Lagos, the company said that its subscribers could stop worrying about their SIM cards getting suspended or disconnected even when they don’t make/receive any call or even use data or send/receive any text message in one year.

Glo says with just N500, “The customer will enjoy the assurance of 365 days of continuous service, even if the customer does not make or receive calls, text or browse. Always On is available to all existing and new prepaid Glo subscribers and is especially beneficial to customers who travel out of the country for long periods of time without access to the network or customers whose handsets get stolen or whose SIMs get damaged but do not have immediate means of replacement. They can now be rest assured that their lines will not be disconnected due to inactivity.”

To take advantage of this offering, subscribers just need to dial *777# and choose “Always On” from the menu.

The statement continued, “Upon confirmation, a one-time fee of N500 will be deducted from the customer’s main account, after which he or she will be subscribed to the plan and given 365 days of uninterrupted access to the network.”

The popular Mike Adenuga owned network company explained that users would be allowed to make and receive phone calls at any time during the 365 days period, as long as the customer has airtime on the line. In fact, visit any Glo World outlet or call Glo’s customer care number to reactivate the line.

“Always On” customers can even buy Glo products and services they want, plus they can subscribe to any other GLO tariff plan at any point in time via *777# or the Glo Cafe. As the Always On subscription nears its expiration date, Glo has also vowed to send SMS and email reminders to customers who will then need to resubscribe to the plan.

Glo added, “With this new and exciting value proposition, we have again established ourselves as the brand that gives customers the most value for money.”

Glo Borrow Me Credit Service:

This popular service allows you to borrow or loan airtime from Glo to pay back at a future date. To use, however, here are the requirements:

  1. You have to be a prepaid user.
  2. Your SIM Card must be at least four months old.
  3. You need an active usage history (meaning, you must be recharging regularly.)

Be aware that the amount you can borrow from the Glo network is N50, N100, N200, N500 & N1000. Just dial *321# and adhere to the relevant prompts.

Use GLO Beep Without Airtime
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Glo Borrow Me Shortcodes For Specific Amounts:

  • *321*50# for #N50.
  • *321*100# for #N100.
  • *321*200# for #N200.
  • *321*500# for #N500.
  • *321*1000# for #N1000.

Do note that you’ll be paying 15% of the borrowed amount as a service charge. Meaning, if you borrow N100, you’ll only be receiving N85.

Repay Borrowed Airtime Or Data To Glo:

To repay borrowed airtime on the Glo network, you simply have to recharge higher than the amount you borrowed. However, sometimes, a deduction might be delayed sometimes; if that is the case, just ensure the minimum balance is left intact.

It’ll be wise to pay back within 72 hours as this falls under the grace period. Not paying back within 3 days of borrowing will only prevent you from requesting more credit or data. Not refunding on time can also affect your eligibility for future transactions.

There you go; if you are interested in using the Glo Beep service, you now know what to do and how to go about it.


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