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Google Chromecast remains the best product Google has!

When we talk about Google hardware there is not much we can say. Although Google Pixel is more prominent, Google Chromecast remains, in my opinion, to be the best product that Google has ever offered.

Google Chromecast is an affordable product that makes things right. I have been enjoying this product for a long time, but in recent times I am more and more fascinated. For those who have never heard of the product, in a simple way, you can transmit what is on your smartphone to the television independently.

The updates made Google Chromecast almost perfect. It is rare that I get a stream error in any application I use. The stream does not need the smartphone to work and the quality is always perfect.

Google Chromecast is an indispensable gadget on any television

That’s why Google Chromecast is the best product Google has. There is no going back! The small gadget only has, in my opinion, a defect. Do not have more interaction with each other. But if so, we would be talking about an Android TV. Something that is not exactly what I want.

Then I can talk about integration with the Google assistant. Or even the possibility to create a group of “columns” with Spotify and play on all televisions that have a Google Chromecast.

Just tell my Home “Ok Google, Play Music on Master” and everything in my house starts giving the same song with perfect sync.

The desire of Google Chromecast Audio

I must admit I was sad to hear that the Mountain View company discontinued Chromecast Audio. This was going to be my next investment. That is, buy older speakers and connect everything together.

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Even though the integration with the Assistant begins to exist, we have to pay much more for smart columns. With Chromecast audio the investment was much lower and you can make smart columns.

Is it worth investing in a Google Chromecast?

Yes, yes and yes! If you have televisions that do not “talk” to your smartphone or are smart, give Google Chromecast a try. You’ll see that you’re going to love it.

The price of $21 of the latest version may even frighten, but if you buy the second generation (do not buy the first one) you will see that you will be satisfied with it and pay only half the price. In short, if you do not have a gadget these give you a try. Surely you will.

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