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Google Clips – the first camera with artificial intelligence

Aside the new smartphones Pixel, Ultrabook Pixelbook, a pair of smart speaker with Google Assistant from Google, it still releases Google Clips. The Google Clips is an intelligent camera with artificial intelligence, making sure you always have perfect photos and videos. But it has several hooks.

Google Clips is a miniature device, a rounded box with 49 x 49 mm (49 x 49 mm) and 60.5 g weight. Below it is a small CMOS sensor with a resolution of 12 MP camera. The exact specification is not for the manufacturer, but the lens should have a 130 ° angle of focus, which is almost a fisheye.

Google Clips works entirely alone. Just lay it down and take a picture, with artificial intelligence, machine learning is gradually learning who and what you photograph most and then focusing on these things and thinking about you.


But it has one vital hook. The Clips has no display, so you do not see what you’re taking. Of course, there is a connection to the smartphone, but who would want to connect an external camera with the smartphone regularly? You will receive phone calls.


It’s a difference to use a GoPro action camera, which you fix firmly at a particular angle to take the space in front of you.

Interestingly, Clips is fully automatic. Just activate and leave the camera. The stored algorithm automatically evaluates whether the scene it sees suits for preservation or not. This is in charge of artificial intelligence.

It should be able to recognise faces, so when Clips knows that you, family or friends are standing in front of the lens, it will capture interesting shots. In addition to still images, Clips can also create 7-second videos, without sound. Also, the camera does not contain a microphone for security reasons.

Google has also heard that Clips does not have access to the Internet, so the camera cannot be misused by either Google or hackers. All the photos are encrypted, so there should not even be hackers who know Clips to hack through the Wi-Fi module.

It connects with your smartphone with its dedicated app. With it, it is possible to save photos directly to Google Photos. 16 GB of the memory card is also included in the body. But the battery cannot do much. On one charge, it can handle up to 3 hours of flickering. Charges via USB-C port. The body is not water or dust resistant.

The Google Clips Prize is $249 in the US home market. In our country, it is most likely not to be sold.

The official dollar price is tax-free because its height is not the same in every US country.

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