Install Google Indic Keyboard For PC (Windows & Mac)

Download Google Indic Keyboard PC
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If you are looking to use the Google Indic Keyboard on your personal computer, this tutorial can definitely help you. In India, for example, the world knows about the several languages different tribes speak to communicate with one another on a daily basis. To help improve the culture of speaking their local dialects more often, Google Indic Keyboard lets mobile phone users use their native languages on social media from time to time.

This keyboard is so useful that it’ll help while you compose emails, or text your friend or family. However, this keyboard is only available for Android phones, and the Indic Keyboard cannot be downloaded directly on a computer OS like Windows 10 or macOS Big Sur. Not to worry though, because you can always use an Android emulator to enjoy the app on your PC. See How To Download and Install Google Indic Keyboard For PC (Windows & Mac):

How Can I Download and Install Google Indic Keyboard On My PC?

Right now, there is only one way to install the official Android APK file of the Google Indic keyboard, and that is via an Android emulator.

There are several emulator options out there, but Bluestacks 4 is most likely the best of the lot because it is well-optimized, and it works like an Android smartphone. Let’s break things down below:

Download Google Indic Keyboard PC
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  1. Get the Bluestacks 4 emulator downloaded, and then install the .exe file on your PC.
  2. As soon as it is installed, sign in with your Google account on Bluestacks 4.
  3. After that, access the Google Play Store and search for “Google Indic Keyboard
  4. Download the keyboard and then install the app on the desktop.

To alter the default keyboard on Buestacks 4, access “Settings” and find “System” Click “Languages & Input” and then choose “Google Keyboard.” The process is the same if you want to do install the Indic Keyboard on a macOS Big Sur desktop or laptop.

Why You Need Google Indic Keyboard?

Download Google Indic Keyboard PC
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1.Transliteration Mode:

If you ever find it hard to find the letters of your native language on the keyboard, the dependable Transliteration Mode can help you. To use the mode, just spell out the pronunciation using English letters. The English letters will then be automatically translated into your native language.

2. Hinglish Mode:

If Hindi is your first language, then this mode will appeal to you. As the name hints, the mode supports both English and Hindi languages.

3. It Is Simple To Switch:

The Indic Keyboard lets users switch between different languages and modes with just a swipe.

What Are The Languages Supported By Indic Keyboard?

  • English keyboard
  • Assamese keyboard
  • Bengali keyboard
  • Gujarati keyboard
  • Hindi keyboard
  • Kannada keyboard
  • Malayalam keyboard
  • Marathi keyboard
  • Odia keyboard
  • Punjabi keyboard
  • Tamil keyboard
  • Telugu keyboard.

That is that.


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