Google Maps – You Must Know This Trick!

Google Maps
Google Maps

Does it happen to you too? You ride a bicycle or stand in a tram, etc., with only one hand at your disposal, in which you take a smartphone on which you need to view the route in Google Maps – more precisely – to zoom in and out on the map base. It’s pure acrobatics in one hand, isn’t it?

Especially with regard to the size of today’s “shovels”, sorry smartphones :). We often see that someone is trying to zoom in or out on the map base in the application with one hand, translating the phone differently in the hand, hitting two fingers on the screen and the phone hanging “on the hair” (most often in public transport, where one hand is occupied). Dropping your phone to the ground can mean a pretty decent budget cut, and that’s what they say, you don’t want to! It is true that a few people have a relatively effective skill that works, but the user must have long fingers. Forget it, it’s much easier to do and it doesn’t matter at all the length of your fingers or the size of the device.

How do I zoom in and out on the map with one finger? 

Very simple! Just click twice faster on the map, leaving your finger on the screen (without pulling away from the touchpad) and dragging up or down. Move the map base upwards and zoom in downwards. Simple, effective, and invaluable in many situations. We’ve been using this trick for a long time, and we thought most users knew it, but it’s not quite so. No more acrobatics, you can do with one finger.

Finally, let’s add that this trick works not only in Google maps but also in the application Apple maps,, and others. Waze doesn’t support it.


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