Google Photos Caution Against Using ‘High Quality’ Mode Storage

Google Photos High Quality Vs Original Whats The Difference And Should You Care
Google Photos High Quality Vs Original Whats The Difference And Should You Care

Millions of people love Google Photos app. What better way to arrange and present photos? Regular users who may have made use of its high-quality storage mode have received a warning from Google.

Many users love the high-quality mode in Google Photos because it helps to compress photos and to save a lot of space, a move that by now is no longer recommended. The company has sent emails to some users regarding the new development.

Now, it is better for users to make use of the other mode to back up their photos. Interestingly, the high-quality mode is said to be able to save pictures in 16 megapixels to save space, while the original quality stores the image in the exact megapixels that your phone snapped the pictures.

Google sent messages to those with the urge to use the high-quality storage mode that when used, this mode may actually appear heavily pixelated when compared with the original quality mode.

Google Photos
Google Photos

The company has also tried to illustrate the deficiency of the high-quality mode to users with a simple image showing the difference between high quality and original quality. It shows a heavily pixelated bird arguably over-estimating the deterioration it brings.

The original quality lets work on your photos with ease.  They preserve the most detail, letting users zoom in, crop, and print the photos with less pixelation.

Google is planning to phase out Google Photos unlimited storage feature in a few months from now. So, this move may also be to motivate users to jump on the bandwagon of taking up a Google One subscription plan.

For those who love Google unlimited storage, they can make use of it for free now but from June 1, Google will expect them to upgrade to Google One which will offer more than 15GB of storage for users.


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