Google Pixel 3 is the best Android with a single lens for the DxOMark

After months of waiting, behold finally Google Pixel 3 has passed the tests of DxOMark. The enthusiasm surrounding the capabilities of these Android smartphones have been a reality for three years now. Therefore, we all wanted to know what this testing platform had to say about this new camera.

From the first Google Pixel, the main highlight goes to your camera. At the time, the Mountain View company was able to create the best camera on a smartphone. A scenario that was to be repeated a year later with his successor.

This year, however, the Huawei P20 Pro was able to cement its lead in this same ranking. Its three-camera set has proved unsurpassed for DxOMark’s experts.

Google Pixel 3 is leading the photo in the Android market with a single lens

Although the new Google Pixel 3 has not been able to get back to the top of this ranking, this does not prevent it from being a point of reference. According to DxOMark’s own words, this is the best Android smartphone for photography with just a photo lens.

In effect, Google Pixel 3 was able to collect a total of 101 points in the tests performed by DxOMark. A score that puts you side by side with the Apple iPhone XR, also with just a photo lens.

In this sense, DxOMark considers Google Pixel 3 as one of the best smartphones that the entity has already tested. Overall, your 12MP main camera behaved beautifully in a variety of situations.

In summary, the great enhancements in the Google Pixel 3 camera can be found in your zoom and in the effect of blur or bokeh. Thanks to the improvements implemented in its software and hardware of image processing.

Then we’ll talk about the results in video capture. Here, Google’s new Android smartphone was able to garner one of the best scores ever from this entity. In effect, we have a video score of 98 points.

The video captured by this Android is shown with little noise in low light conditions and good detail with good light. Also noteworthy is its good image stabilization, as well as its fast and accurate automatic focusing.

DxOMark also highlights the ability of this Android to adjust some settings depending on certain conditions. So when your smartphone moves from a bright area to another where it is in short supply, it is able to automatically reduce the amount of fps the video will captured.

In short, Google is once again able to develop an excellent smartphone for photography. Although with only one lens, this Android was able to outperform other models with two lenses.

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