Google prepares a new Chromecast with better connectivity

ChromeCast 2 big 1024x512
ChromeCast 2 big 1024x512

It seems that Google intends to renew the current model of Chromecast that exist in the market. And, for what has been known, the great novelties that this new player will have will focus on what has to do with connectivity. We indicate that you should wait for the player.

From what it seems the Mountain View company will not make major changes in what has to do with the main hardware and functionalities, so you should not expect the new Chromecast to look like Amazon’s Fire TV. And, this is good because they will maintain two different ways of working with this type of small players that perform mirror functions. The case is that to use it will use the same system as hitherto – with a mobile terminal compatible applications are executed or, failing that, the Google Home call to send the image directly to the TV (even using the browser Chrome to send content to a Chromecast).

Improvements in the connections of the new Chromecast

One of the great advances will be an improvement in WiFi connectivity of the new Chromecast. It will be used at the frequency of 5 GHz (apart from the current 2.4 GHz). This means a much better stability in the content shipments, as well as a greater speed since generally the new option is “less dirty” by the interference of third parties – this will also be because there will be a profit when working the antenna that goes from 2.1 dBi to 4 dBi. An important change that has been necessary for a long time.

The other big news is that the new Chromecast will include Bluetooth antenna, so you can use this wireless interface. This will allow the use of accessories with the player, which quickly makes the game controls come to mind and, perhaps more importantly, the power to use a  remote control. The fact is that this option opens a very interesting range of possibilities.

Obviously, there is not a date of arrival to the market of the new Chromecast that thinks that it will maintain the circular design and connectivity HDMI. But as pointed out in the source of the information, thinking about an announcement on October 4 next to the Pixel 3 XL makes all the sense of the world as we talk about an event that arrives to show hardware “made by Google”.


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