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Google Trusted Contacts App Review – Useful for determining the safety of your loved ones

It is a good thing to know that Google has delved into a niche in the business world which is much related to the safety of its users, leading the search engine giant to create useful apps like Google Duo and Allo. Now Google has outed a safety mobile app called Trusted Contacts. With this app, one can be certain there is a better chance of getting help when one is faced with sudden crises such as accidents and natural disasters.

Trusted Contacts also helps the user’s friends and family know the if the user is okay or not when problems arise. Beyond the usage of this app during emergency situations, the user of the Trusted Contact App can make his loved ones aware of his or her geographic position when away from home at late hours of the night. Also, with Google’s Trusted Contact App, one can literally have friends and family monitor his/her progress on a journey.

The Trusted Contact App was released on the 5th of December, 2016 and just as the name implies, it is a mobile app that was designed to help one continuously remain in the eyes of close friends, siblings, spouses, etc in other geographic locations even in the face of danger. The exciting thing about this mobile app is that it works not only when one is online but also when the user is offline or when the user’s phone’s battery is dead (This is good news for nervous relatives of night walkers).

Unfortunately, the Google’s Trusted Contact App is only available on the Google play store at the moment. However, the iOS version of this app is being developed by Google.

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How to download and use Google Trusted Contacts

To use this free mobile app, visit the Google Play Store and download the Trusted Contacts App which can be installed in about a minute since it’s just 5.5MB large. When you are done with the installation of the app, the app will remain unusable if your location is not visible from your phone setting. Therefore, to get started with Trusted Contacts, ensure your location is made visible from your phone setting.

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When you are done with this, then you are officially ready to start making use of this app. You can make your exact location visible to a selected number of contacts that are trusted by you.

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The contacts that are chosen to have access to your location can be as much as 50 persons and as little as you want them to be. These selected numbers of people are permitted to request your position at any time they deem fit, this requests usually come in form of phone calls.

Well, as life is about choices, you can decide to accept the request if need be or turn down the request if everything is under control. However, if there is no response from the user over a period of about five minutes, the app will automatically reveal the location of the user as there are chances the user could be in trouble. The user of the app can also send information of his location to trusted contacts if the need arises, this particular feature comes with such options as “I need assistance, I am close, etc”.

In summary, the Trusted Contact App from Google offers two basic features which include allowing your trusted contacts request your location and allowing you share your location if you feel unsafe.

You can Google Trusted Contacts for Android devices below:

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