Guideline To Download Any Social Media Videos On Your iPhone For Free


No doubt that when social media is mentioned what comes to mind are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. These are platforms that offer video streaming services, and you will agree with me that these services sometimes don’t provide optimal viewing experience like YouTube. Sometimes it becomes tedious to find a video you just saw yesterday on your timeline.

Sometimes you might want to download your favorite videos either from Instagram or Facebook, using your iPhone but the truth is that not many iPhone apps allow you to do that, and the few available options are riddled with ads and popups. Happily, there is a better way to do that. Based on that, in this article, we will look at various tips or guidelines that will help you download videos on any social media be it Facebook or Instagram, etc.

Are you aware that using apple shortcut you can download videos from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook as well as automate everyday task? You know things become easy if you know how to do it, so if you know how to use the apple shortcuts, you can easily download any videos from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Before we proceed let’s throw more light on “Shortcuts.”


Shortcuts are known to be a newly IOS 12 apps released by Apple. Basically, with the help of shortcuts, you can create a workflow of actions that happen one after the other. The best thing about shortcuts is that it let you create your own shortcuts with ease.if you want to commence using shortcuts the best thing to do is to download shortcuts and giving it a try without worrying about specifics.

Ways and How To Download videos from Instagram.

If you want to download videos from Instagram, the first thing you will do is to use a shortcut called InstaSave, after the downloading of the shortcut is done, launch it and set it up, open the InstaSave shortcut link and tap on Get Shortcut.

This will open the shortcut in the shortcut app. Repeatedly, tap on the Get shortcut app. After you have done this, the InstaSave shortcut has been added to your Library section, so the next thing to do is to open the Instagram video you want to download. On that video, tap the menu button and select “share to,” at this point, you will be requested to choose a shortcut from the bottom row. If the shortcut option wasn’t visible, click on “more” to enable it

Then, from the list of available shortcut click on InstaSave, in some seconds the shortcut will run through all the action, and when this is done you have successfully downloaded the videos

If you want to find the downloaded video go to the “photo app” and click on “camera roll” the downloaded videos appears, so there is no need to pay for shady services.

 How To Download Videos From Twitter

To download videos from Twitter you will make use of a different shortcut called “Twitter video downloader.” The installation process is the same with that of InstaSave, once it is set up just open the twitter app and look for the video you want to download, once you see the videos, tap on the “share” button and select “share a tweet via.” From the share sheet, click on the shortcut and select Twitter video downloader.once that is done, you will see the shortcut kicked into action, from the popup, click on the video quality you want either, high, medium or low. After the downloading is completed, a confirmation box appears. You can get your downloaded videos in your device’s “Camera Roll.”


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