Here are Apps Working Better on Android but Worse on iPhone iOS

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iPhone is superb in its ways, but a few favorite apps may perform better on Android than on iPhone iOS. I once had an issue whereby a client using iPhone could not navigate to a newly constructed website because he used iPhone iOS to navigate to the site. By changing to Chrome on Android, he was able to view the website in quick time.

Of course, the two platforms offer wonderful opportunities but somewhere, each lack some basic capabilities. The strength of one is simply the weakness of the other. The problem is that Android is so open, while iOS is closely guarded. This is one reason why one app will work seamlessly on one platform but will be limited to another.

Let’s check out the top apps that work better on Android while the same apps do poor jobs on iOS:


Firefox works very well on Android. Most of us had used Firefox before we switched over to Chrome. Even so, we still switch now and then between Chrome and Android. But when you need to install extensions, you will be happy to achieve your aim on Android. For iOS users, this is not quite the same today.


Downloading isn’t a problem here on Netflix than it is for deleting. But things are getting better. Early in the month of July has been enabling the deletion of episodes of shows that have already been watched on Android and they can also immediately begin downloading the next episode over the Wi-Fi internet. For Android users, this capability isn’t present yet.


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LastPass helps you when you need more information especially as you try to log in on Android. Users expect that LastPass will eventually be able to perform well on both platforms, but for now, LastPass enables an Android user to do much when using a couple of apps that integrate with LastPass. For iOS users, this feature is not seamless and system-wide yet.


Kindle is exclusive to Amazon and is superb for reading your favorite e-books. If you want to buy a book on Kindle, you can do so without leaving Android app on Kindle. It’s a simple way to purchase your favorite books when using Kindle but not so for iOS users. The option to buy the book you love has been removed from that platform.

Google Photos

You can run several apps in the background when you are on Android, which is not the same on iOS. One app that iOS users can’t have open in the background is Google Photos. Some users complain that this feature isn’t available in iOS. Once you navigate away, you have the page closed and have to re-open it to access it again. Android lets users have it open in the background so users can easily switch back and forth from Google Photos without having it closed.


Perchance these are your most favorite apps; it makes the used iPhone almost unnecessary. But many iPhone users recognize that iOS has its strong points too, and they continue to use it. This writes up is not meant to discourage anyone from using iPhone iOS but to show the marked differences and not be surprised when they use these apps in iOS only to find that they perform differently from the way they do in Android.