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Here’s World’s Smartest Transparent Face Mask

The CES 2021 has revealed amazing new technologies for this year and beyond. One of the coolest treats this year is what was presented by Razer, the world’s leading lifestyle accessories brand for gamers as it takes a dip in the face mask world.

Razer has got a new thing going with Project Hazel, the concept that brings to life the world’s smartest mask. This is very pertinent, for people are asking how technology can help improve our lives in the face of the pandemic.

With vaccines rolling in abundance soon, many of us know that face masks will still be very much in good use. But new technology means that better face masks can be produced this year, and people could embrace the new technology more because they understand how important the new products are in solving man’s problems.

Project Hazel By Razer Worlds Smartest Face Mask 02
Project Hazel By Razer Worlds Smartest Face Mask 02

The new smart face mask is a glossy, waterproof, and scratch-resistant shell, that is transparent, and allows for lip-reading. The new product is made from recycled plastic. The main things about the face masks are the two circular Active Ventilation discs that are perching on the sides of the mouth. It holds the reusable N95 filters that give a 95 percent filtration efficiency.

The user can detach the filters to recharge them while giving the mask a futuristic aesthetic to make this mask a part of the new normal. The technology for this mask makes it possible for people to wear this mask anywhere. It has rings that glow with the color that the user picks and the LEDs automatically detect and light up in a low setting to light up the user’s face, so he or she can continue to talk.

Microphones and amplifiers are also added to the masks, sitting in the ventilators so that your voice can be projected. The Razer team is balancing the volume so that it can be optimized. Apart from these, the mask is also coming with other amazing forms of technology that will make life easy for wearers.

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