How Can I Block Calls From Overseas?


Making and receiving calls is now, shockingly, one of the less used forms of communication over a smartphone. The popularity of smartphones has sent landlines packing, and even owners of these nearly obsolete devices find it difficult to use them.

This brings about a situation whereby a lot of the call you receive will be unwanted, like a type of marketing campaign. But if we are talking about unbearable stuff, to the point of becoming a pain in the behind, then it has to be international calls that are strictly schemes to extract cash.

Fortunately, you can easily block overseas phone calls on your smartphone.

There are 3 ways to end the issue and we will highlight them in this tutorial.

Before anything else, we will highlight how to prevent overseas calls at the source, with your carrier and then discuss how to do it on a particular device.

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How Can I Block Overseas Calls Through Carrier?

A lot of carriers, or most of them, offer options to their users for tracking unwanted phone calls. The issue of scam phone calls is increasing yearly. This is caused by some changes in the rules about what constitutes as auto dialing by the FCC. The amazing news is that your carrier will collaborate with you to put a stop to these phone calls.

Even if it will be hard to receive an immediate solution, it is still possible to block numbers selectively or block robocalls on several carriers. To get a complete overview of the options available to you, you will need to call your carrier’s support line or head to their online support page. An attempt to register your phone number on the Do Not Call registry can also give you the fix you want, do it here. This FTC service will prevent telemarketing phone calls from getting to your mobile. Even if it might not prevent overseas calls, it is wise to use it.

If the issue is so terrible, you can also file a complaint with the FTC or FCC if you own a US-based phone number. As a landline user, your options will be more restricted.

How Can I Block Overseas Calls Through Device?

If your carrier cannot assist you, or refuse to go to the lengths you want them to, your device is also home to built-in remedies that can be used to block phone calls. Your phone’s OS can reveal the instructions you should adhere to since they are quite different depending on the platform. Let’s highlight them individually:

1. Android:

Be aware that things can be altered depending on your carrier, but all in all, it will still be standard for all.

  1. In your device’s Settings, locate Call Settings. You might have to access call settings from your device app because it might not be visible in the general settings.
  2. In the Call Settings, click Block Numbers.
  3. This is where you will be able to block specific numbers that you do not want or enable the option to block all unknown calls.

2. iOS:

  1. Ensure a new contact is created on your device. Include the phone numbers you wish to be blocked to this contact. Include as many as you want, because all the numbers linked to this contact will be filtered.
  2. In your device’s Settings, click on the green Phone icon.
  3. Swipe down and click Calls and then Blocked.
  4. After that, click Add New and choose the contact that you created above. Name it “International Numbers” or anything identical to recall why they are blocked.

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How Can I Block Overseas Calls Through 3rd-Party Applications To Block Calls?

The 3rd way to end your problems is via an application specially designed to block phone calls. Several users will see this as the best alternative because of the many features that these applications offer, including blocking country codes.

A decent app for phone call management on Android phones is Call Blacklist. As the name suggests, this app will let you create a “blacklist” that will be blocked on your device. You can type in full numbers or numbers that begin with specific numeric sequences. You can even screen out country codes with this feature to prevent any calls from a particular country. The application possesses password protection and more features.

As an iOS user, a decent option is Call Control. It comes with identical features when compared to Blacklist. It is also home to smart blocking features that make use of community managed lists to ensure unknown numbers are archived. This application can even be used to conduct a reverse search that will make you know who is calling from blocked numbers. These apps will cost you nothing in the Play Store and App Store.


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