How Can I Download iPhone/iPad Apps Without Using An Apple ID?


Are you searching for other ways to download applications without using an Apple ID? Do you wish to remain on the legal side while you find your way around the system in order to get an application for your iPhone? Or do you wish to get over the loss of the App Store in iTunes?

If your answer was yes to any of the questions above, then this article will provide the answers you need. I will highlight how you can install apps without the iTunes and without jailbreaking your iOS device.

There have been comments about the loss of the App Store in iTunes version 12.7. Even if downloading all the applications you want straight onto your phone is still possible, the people with several phones do not wish to continue downloading one app several times.

Although the actual subject is all about the App Store, a lot of the comments from iOS users talked about the Apple ID. So I am guessing you wish to load applications the way you were familiar with before App Store vanished and without having to type your Apple ID.

There are 3 ways to tackle this issue:

  1. You can use a 3rd-party tool to sideload applications onto your phone.
  2. You can jailbreak your iPhone or iPad so you can use alternative application stores.
  3. You can use a more ancient version of iTunes released by Apple that still supports the App Store.

Lemme highlight these options so you can decide on the one that suits you the most, even if I will advise that you go for an older version of iTunes.

1. Use A 3rd Party Tool To Sideload Applications Onto Your Phone

There are several tools online that will download apps without making use of your Apple ID or iTunes. Some will get the job done, but some will not. The disadvantage of using this method is that you will lose control over what is installed on your phone and expose your device or tab to malware. So it is a security risk to use third-party tools to download and install apps.

Another disadvantage of using third party tools is that your Apple ID will be added to the digital signature of the application as it is installed.

2. Jailbreak Your Phone So You Can Use Alternative App Stores

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Jailbreaking is now simple and there are several tools that will simplify the total process. It will take below 15 minutes and it will let you take control of your device like Apple never wanted. The advantage is that alternative app stores can be used and apps you like can be installed as you have access to iOS core files.

The disadvantage is that jailbreaking will nullify your warranty and you are not always sure about what you are installing. If you will part with $1000 for an iPhone X, you really do not want to render the warranty null and void. No one wants to risk their phone with malware.

Even if the App Store ecosystem might be limited, this happens to make sure the apps are quality and secure. That is not the case with jailbroken applications.

3. Use An Older Version Of iTunes Released By Apple That Still Supports The App Store

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A proper alternative that does the job, will not nullify your warranty and will maintain the safety and security of your phone is the usage of an older version of iTunes. As a response to several iOS users complaining about the loss of the App Store in iTunes 12.7, Apple released iTunes 12.6.3.

The reason why the change had to happen was to aid enterprises who relied on iTunes for the management of several devices, however, anybody can use it.

This is how to deploy applications in a business environment with iTunes:

  1. Head to this page on the Apple site.
  2. Choose the text link that relates to your computer OS.
  3. Get iTunes 12.6.3 downloaded and installed.
  4. Get things connected, registered and synced as usual.

This version of iTunes is identical to iTunes 12.7. Making use of 12.6.3 is a more appropriate alternative to using 3rd party app installers. iTunes might be limited but it is totally for our personal benefit.


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