How Can I Exit The Fastboot Mode On My Xiaomi Redmi Note 3?

Every Xiaomi Redmi phone has a locked bootloader. Meaning that you have to unlock it from the Fastboot mode. If you attempted to unlock your Xiaomi device on your own, or if you got into Fastboot mode for whatever reason, your device can remain in the Fastboot screen.

This occurs because a lot of the phones do not unlock the first time you attempt to root them, and they stay in Fastboot mode until you manually get it fixed. If getting the battery replaced does not help, you will have to use another method.

In this tutorial, we will highlight the ways to exit the Redmi’s Note 3 Fastboot mode.


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How Can I Exit The Fastboot Mode In Xiaomi Redmi Note 3?

To get out of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3’s Fastboot screen, you have to be sure that the device is really in this mode. You will be certain if the Fastboot mode image is visible. In Redmi Note 3, the image resembles a Xiaomi bunny (official Xiaomi mascot) repairing an Android bot.

If that is the case lets highlight some of the methods.

1. Power Key

To get out of the Fastboot mode, you need to:

  1. Ensure the key is held until the screen is gone. This can take about forty seconds.
  2. The display should be gone and your device should reboot.

2. Power Key + Volume Keys

If the screen is not visible, there is another method you can use. Rather than holding only the “Power” key, you can do this:

  1. Ensure the “Volume Down” is pressed along with the “Power” key.
  2. Hold both keys simultaneously until the screen is no longer visible. The phone should reboot automatically.
  3. In a few versions of Redmi Note 3, you might have to press the “Volume Up” key rather than the “Volume Down” key. Therefore, if the first option does not work, use this one.

3. Releasing Just The Power Button

There are scenarios where your device will begin to load Android’s OS and the Xiaomi logo might even be visible. But, after some seconds, it will get you back to the Fastboot screen.

If you are battling this problem, do this:

  1. Use the previous step (“Volume key” and “Power” button) to get out of the Fastboot mode.
  2. Hold on when the Xiaomi logo is gone, and a fresh screen begins to appear.
  3. As soon as you see “Android is starting,” you need to release the “Power button,” but still hold the “Volume Up/Down.” key.
  4. The OS should boot immediately.


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2. Use A 3rd Party App To Exit Fastboot Mode?

If you own a laptop and a mobile phone USB data cable to connect your phone, you can exit the Fastboot mode through 3rd party applications.

For instance, Android Multi Tools helps you to enter and exit the Fastboot mode with your PC. It also aids you to be sure all data from your mobile device are wiped out. It ensures the phone info is checked too.

So, to make use of this application, do this:

  1. Link your device and your PC with the USB cable.
  2.  Get the Android Multi Tools downloaded and extracted.
  3. Open the application.
  4. Press “1” on your keyboard.
  5. Press “Enter.”
  6. The “1. Check Device” command will be executed to ensure your device is connected.
  7. If not, get the data cable reconnected.
  8. If yes, enter “9” (Exit Fastboot mode) and press Enter.
  9. The program will execute the command on your device.
  10. Disconnect the phone.

When you power on your smartphone, it will boot up to Android rather than automatically entering the Fastboot mode.

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