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How Can I Play Animated GIFs On A Mac?

It could be animals being naughty or famous stars misbehaving, all this and more makes GIFs crack you up.

In fact, these brief animations are so well known that they have been added to several messaging applications.

Just remember everytime you have used a GIF to respond to somebody’s message, i did and still do that too.

Although, if you have ever attempted to play a GIF on your Mac, you should know that it is not so easy. Some might say that Apple is not great with GIFs but you do not have to bother yourself. There are several ways to rapidly play a GIF on your Mac and a special application is not required.

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The Fastest Way

This is not just the fastest but also the simplest way to play a GIF on your Mac device. Head to the location of the GIF, select it, then press and hold the Space bar. The GIF will be opened in a fresh window and will begin to play immediately.

It can be expanded to a full screen view by tapping on the 2 arrows button. “Share” lets you send the GIF through AirDrop, Email, or iMessages. It can be assigned to more applications by tapping More.

You are even allowed to open the GIF with the Preview application (the animation instantly opens in Preview if you click on it.) But, it is impossible to play the GIF within Preview. Rather, you can view all its thumbnails (the pictures that make up the GIF.) To view or keep pictures hidden, tap the little play icon in Preview.

The Browser Method

If for any reason the Space bar refused to help you, the GIF can be played within your browser. Right-tap or do a 2-finger tap on the GIF to reveal the menu with more actions. Head to “Open with” and choose Safari. Be aware that this was tried with Chrome but it failed to work.

There is also a major disadvantage to playing a GIF in Safari. The animation stops immediately playing is done and you have to refresh the page to view it once more. If you want, the GIF can be played in constant loop if the Space bar method is utilized.

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How Can I Make A GIF On A Mac?

Apart from just playing a GIF, you might need to create a custom one from your videos. To do this, it is appropriate to use 3rd-party applications. There are several free and simple-to-use options around, and below are some of the ones you will love.

1. GifRocket

This application is great with just videos, and there are some settings that require adjustments in order to create a GIF. Have the intro and outro times set, make adjustments to the clip size (in pixels), and ensure the slider is moved to the right for a clearer quality. Tap Enter ad your GIF will be set almost immediately.

2. GIPHY Capture

Giphy Capture is unique and not like the other apps since it creates GIFs from screen recordings. As soon as you open the app, tap to begin to record and tap again to stop recording. After that, you can move onto the editing menu to have your clip embellished. You are even allowed to set various loop types – ping-pong, normal, or reverse. It is also possible to create a caption and export the GIF in HD.

3. Smart GIF Maker

This is another useful tool with a user-friendly interface. You pay nothing to use it but you have to buy things in the app to do away with the watermark. It is a purchase that will be worth it though since things will get flexible enough to aid editing. The application breaks the clip into separate frames and you will be able to make adjustments to each of them to suit your taste. After that you can set the delay time between the frame and select the number of loops. Tap Preview to view if you are pleased with the outcome and then choose Export for your GIF.

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