How Can I Track Network Traffic On My Android Phone?


Network monitoring traces the amount of traffic you use up on your Android phone using both built-in applications and 3rd-party software. This process can be vital if you have restricted network data on your device data on your mobile device as it stops you from wasting any precious MB.

Why Should You Track Your Network?

Our smartphones and tabs are linked to the internet most of the time. The applications on our mobile devices require internet connection to work. Even the applications that do not require regular internet connection need to update at times, which also make use of internet data.

At times, you do not need to worry about the internet data. For example, if you are home chilling on unrestricted bandwidth, this is not a problem. But what if you are on a business trip outside the country, and suddenly, an app on your phone begins to download a massive update. This will be a massive problem for your limited mobile data and even your phone bill.

Fortunately, Android has several applications that assist you to monitor all your network usage.

What Exactly Can You Track?

Every user can monitor their outgoing and incoming network activity with various apps from the Google Play Store. This software can display information about the services, connections, and applications that makes use of your internet traffic.

They can monitor which IP address you link to. The amount of data you send and how much is sent back to your phone with all connections will also be visible. Some of these applications can also aid you to monitor and block some suspicious or danger-filled network activities.

You are able to restrict your phone’s data usage in specific hours and set lots of limits. Plus, whoever is connected to your Wi-Fi hotspot or the application that consumes most of your network data can be seen. All of this will aid you to track and manage your network consumption more aptly.

How Can You Track Your Network?

The most effective way to track your network is to make use of 3rd-party data monitor applications. Here, we will highlight some of the best apps that can be used for that purpose on your Android phone.

1. Fing

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This is one of the most appropriate trackers for Android. With it, you can view all the vital info regarding your network. Including the list of users linked to your Wi-Fi, plus the information about unauthorized consumption of your data and any suspicious act on the network.

With Fing, you are able to test your internet speed and have it compared with other ones to know if you are getting the best service from your provider. Your network’s IP address can also be checked. Plus you can troubleshoot network issues and set up security notifications.

Download Fing Here.

2. PingTools

This app possesses several network tracking features you will fancy. The network can be pinged, you can check all your ports, Wi-Fi networks, and their configuration, view your IP address and so on. This application can also have your network tuned and make it a bit quicker.

Pigtools aids tracerouting, and grants you access to various extra features like Whois, which is a TCP port scanner, plus GeoPing which displays the availability of resources all over the globe.

Download PingTools Here.

3. Wifi Analyzer

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Anytime you intend to connect to a Wi-Fi close to you, this app should be consulted. It will not only list all the available Wi-Fi networks around you, all relevant data about every of those networks will also be visible to you.

The application displays information on how crowded the networks are and how quality the signal is. This data will be viewed with attractive and colorful graphs that makes understanding it very simple.

Download Wifi Analyzer Here.

4. Netcut

This is an app that grants you total control of your network and gets rid of unwelcome visitors. If you do not fancy a poor connection because a friend is installing a massive file or your cousin is streaming a film from your network, this app is handy.

Whenever you launch this app, you only have to give it Root access and have the network scanned. All users that are presently using the network will be visible and you can remove whoever should not be there. This application can safeguard your network from unwanted users with suspicious intentions.

Download Netcut Here.

5. 3G Watchdog

This is a total data usage tracking application. It will track your mobile and Wi-Fi data and display the outcomes in form of a table, graph, or text.

You are able to set a restriction to your usage (everyday, ever hour, ever month) and the app will inform you as soon as you are close to that restriction. The usage can always be viewed in the status bar. You will also find it easy to import and export usage history in a CSV file.

With 3G Watchdog, the amount of data each individual app is using up will be visible. This will help you manage your applications by priority and deactivate some functions if you have restricted bandwidth.

Download 3G Watchdog Here.


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