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How Can I Use The Live Photo Feature On My iPhone?

Technology has developed over the years and is still developing. Gone are the days of disposable cameras, Polaroids and so on, nowadays, a lot of us just whip out our mobile devices from our pockets to snap a pic with the tap of one button.

Digital photography provides several benefits over its analogue equivalents, and the iPhones have taken things to a different level with its Live Photo feature.

Live Photo lets you snap a moment in an entirely different way. It is like a making a (very brief) GIF image- the iOS device starts recording 1.5 seconds before and after you take the picture, providing a kind of living portrait instead of a straightforward 2D picture.

Making use of this feature is not complicated and it will take your photography, whether regular or pro, to amazing levels.

This is how to use the option:

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How Can I Take A Live Photo On My iPhone?

  1. From your iOS device’s home screen, launch the camera application.
  2. Before continuing, make sure the Live Photo feature is activated on your camera. It is activated by default, but for confirmation, search for a little icon in the toolbar across the top of the display that resembles a bullseye. If the Live Photo icon is yellow in colour, Live Photo is turned on. If it is white in colour with a line slashed across it, it is disabled. It can be activated or deactivated whenever you want by clicking the icon.
  3. Focus your device at anything you intend to capture and click your shutter button like you always do. And that is it, you have just taken a live photo. It is also possible to make use of more effects on your Live Photos to make them more interesting. To use the effects, this is all you have to do:

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How Can I Edit A Live Photo On My iPhone?

  1. From your iOS device’s home screen, launch the Photos application.
  2. Choose the Live Photo you wish to edit and click on it to open, then scroll up to see your editing options.
  3. Below “Effects,” you can decide to leave the Live Photo as it is or use other options like Loop, which will play the Live Photo in an endless clip loop. Bounce, which will make your Live Photo to bounce back and forth. Long Exposure, which will capture time and movement for fireworks displays, birthday candles used, for example.
  4. Ensure your preferred effect is saved by quitting the photo. The effect can be altered whenever you want by adhering to the same instructions.

Be aware that the effect that will suit your picture will depend on you and the subject matter of the picture. Some of these effects will suit some photos better than others.

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