How Do I Add Podcasts To My Apple Watch [iPhone/iPad]

Add Podcasts Apple Watch
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Podcasts work like mobile radio shows, created for particular topics like politics, business, relationships and so on, and due to how popular they have become, podcasts are now simpler to access for listening on Android/iOS devices or tabs.

For some time, podcasts were synonymous with Apple devices simply because it was easy to link podcasts with the original Apple iPod. However, no mobile platform can claim ownership to podcasts as it originated on its own without any external help from phone companies.

If you are an Apple Watch owner, have you ever tried to add Podcasts to it? Well, if you are not aware, your Apple Watch can actually help you save Podcasts which can be useful if it isn’t connected to your iPhone. It does not matter if you are going for a quick jog carrying just the Apple Watch or you just need a break from your iPhone, this feature is very useful for lovers of podcasts.

The Apple Watch is capable of storing things like music and podcasts with its built-in storage that is more than spacy and effective. You only need a pair of Bluetooth earphones or Airpods to pair up with the Apple Watch, and you can listen to your podcast whenever you want. See the answer to your How Do I Add Podcasts To My Apple Watch [iPhone/iPad] question:

Add Podcasts Apple Watch
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How To Add Podcasts To My Apple Watch [iPhone/iPad]?

  1. Open the Watch application on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Under “My Watch,” scroll to the bottom and click “Podcasts.”
  3. Click “Custom” to manually choose the podcasts you wish to sync.
  4. Select the Podcasts with the toggle switch to listen to them straight on your Apple Watch.

That is that. You can now add as many Podcasts as possible to Apple Watch. By default, your Apple Watch instantly syncs one episode from each of the 10 shows on the top, however, switching to the Custom setting will let you download 3 episodes on Apple Watch from every show you go for. Every podcast that is synced to your Apple Watch will be available for streaming asap.

Add Podcasts Apple Watch
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How To Submit Your Podcast To Apple Podcasts?

  1. Go to and get yourself logged in with your Apple ID, or create an account.
  2. Tap the big ➕ button in the top left corner, type in your podcasts’ RSS feed, and then tap “Verify.”
  3. As long as your feed is valid, your podcast’s details such as artwork, categories, host will be visible.
  4. Tap “Submit” and that is that.
  5. Hold on for email confirmation from Apple that your show has been accepted into the directory.

You are done.


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