How Do I Change My Calorie Goal On The iPhone?


The Apple Watch Activity application removes all complications that can allow you monitor the calories you burn on a daily basis. It instantly moves goals weekly, aiding you to get rid of extra calories. Achieving the expected objective will definitely make you proud, but there are users who find it very difficult to cope with the pace of this app.

In a few cases, the target number of calories might be raised to the power of two from one week to the next. This is an added motivation if you are on a proper diet and workout plan. But not everyone can achieve it. Setting objectives and goals that are over the top might have dire consequences and might even stop you from using the app ever again.

Fortunately, making adjustments to the calorie goals to your taste is not complicated. Continue reading to know how you can do more with the application’s features.

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How Can I Change The Calorie Goals In The Apple Watch Activity App?

The Activity application lets you change just the Move goals, with the Stand and Exercises goals remaining the same. The Move goals ring stands for the number of calories that has been burnt up by you to a particular point in a day. The counter reveals active calories, which means the ones gotten rid of by you when you are on the move.

To make changes to your daily goal, open the Activity application (on iWatch), choose the rings, press onto the display and choose Change Move Goal. Click on the + and – icons to reduce or increase the target number of your Move goal. Tap Update immediately you are pleased with the number. You are done. You just changed your goal.

Be aware that this only works for daily goals, not the ones for the week, even if the weekly number shows the changes.

Monitor Your Achievements

Inside the Activity application, you can preview your achievements and know how close you are to achieving your goal. This feature can be enjoyed on your iWatch and iPhone. The iPhone application is better since it lets you to view your progress every month. This is how you can check the statistics:


Click to launch the Activity application and scroll down with your finger or the iWatch crown. The windows will reveal your progress for every activity. The percentage, the calories, and the minutes and hours that come with Exercise and Stand goals are visible as well. The menu will even reveal the peak activity hours and the colors will direct you.

Red stands for Move, green stands for Exercise and blue stands for Stand.

The iWatch also features summaries every Monday. This allows you to confirm how great you are doing and the feature can be used in a few clicks. After opening the Activity application, press onto the display to access and menu and choose Weekly Summary.


You are allowed to view a complete month’s progress on your iOS device. Simply launch the Activity application and choose History. To receive more details about each day, click on the date inside the calendar. If you exercised on a particular day, a little green dot will be visible close to it.

Knowing this, you can also view added statistics about your workout routine from the Workouts tab. These statistics will depend on your routine. For instance, the route will be viewed if you run, hike, cycle or even swim.

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Notifications And Reminders

Not forgetting to stand up can be difficult when you are busy. The Activity application will help to assist you to ditch that chair every 60 minutes. It even lets you know if you are not achieving set objectives.

Open the Apple Watch application, choose My Watch, and press Activity. You will be allowed to set some kinds of reminders and notifications. Using stand reminders, you will get notified if you sit down for above fifty minutes. Daily Coaching assists you to meet activity objectives. Lastly, Goal Completions will reward you for your efforts immediately you meet a goal.

Viewing Awards And Sharing

Having a look at your present Activity application awards can help your motivation. On your iOS device, click the Activity application and choose the star icon way down on your screen to check out “Awards.” You can now tap any Awards symbol to view what it stands for. The achieved awards are visible in color, but the ones that are waiting to be achieved by you will be seen in black and grey.

Accomplishing and extending your goals will make you applaud yourself. You are allowed to save the picture from the Activity application (on the iOS device) and then have it shared on social media. Do this to make that happen:

Activity App > History > Select a Day > Share button > Save Image.


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