How Do I Dial An International Number On My iPhone?


Even if the majority of us prefer texting or email to reach out to our friends, family, co-workers, at times, just grabbing your smartphone and hearing their voices is an irreplaceable and beautiful experience.

Luckily for us, calling people abroad is not complicated nowadays, especially if you own an iPhone. Dialling an international number on your phone will only take a few seconds and you will be through to the person asap.

However, you must note that international calling will depend on your network and individual phone plan. Confirm with your network to be certain that you are not accumulating extra fees when you make a call. Having said that, below is How To Dial An International Number On My iPhone?

How Can I Dial International Numbers On My iPhone?

  • Launch the Phone application on your iPhone, it resembles a white telephone receiver in a green box.
  • Click the Keypad button to access the screen on which you can type the number you’re calling.
  • To make an international call, press + before you start to dial the number. This can be done by pressing and holding the 0 key until “+” is visible.
  • Add the appropriate country code for the number you want to call, followed by the local number. For instance, if you wish to call somebody in the UK, just type 0(+), 44, and then the local number.

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  • Press the green button after typing the full number to make your call.

How Can I Save An International Number On My iPhone For Fast Dialing?

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You should know that if the international number is a number you will be calling often, you can just save it as well as the country calling code as a contact on your mobile phone.

To get that done, launch the Phone app when the call is over and click “Recents” to see your recent calls. Click the info button close to the number you want to save, then click “Create New Contact,” and type in the person’s info.


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