How Do I Fix An iPhone That Is Stuck On Verifying Update?


Updating your iOS device is not just important for getting more features, it is also very necessary. These updates mostly come with solutions to a lot of recent bugs that iOS owners battle with. Knowing this, you need to download and install operating system updates as regularly as possible.

However, what if you are unable to download the most recent iOS updates? To be more precise, what if your iOS smartphone gets stuck on the initial verification process? Not to worry, we have the solution here.

Before we start, you need to ensure everything is set up and good to go. Make sure:

  • Your iPhone is fully charged.
  • Your iPhone has an active wireless connection.
  • Your iPhone has enough free storage space for installing the most recent updates.
  • You do not restore your iPhone without having a complete backup.

As soon as you have checked all this, see the fixes you need:

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How Can I Fix An iPhone That Is Stuck On Verifying Update?

1. Lock And Wake Your iPhone

Lock and wake are 2 of the 4 iPhone modes. The remaining two are sleep and unlock. When your smartphone is locked, the system remains awake, but you will only be allowed to view some of the simple info. Your iPhone’s camera can be used to head into its notification or control center by scrolling across the display, but that is all you are allowed to do.

The iPhone’s Wake mode is straightforward. As soon as your phone is in this mode, your screen will reveal something. It could be the Home screen, an app screen, or even the Lock screen. Any of these 2 modes will fix the problem. To get this done, you will need to make use of your device’s power button. See how:

  • Press your iPhone’s power button. This button is seen on the side (or on the top) of your phone.
  • As soon as you have put your device in Lock mode, wake it up. In other words, immediately you’ve locked your phone, press the Power button again to enter Wake mode.
  • Repeat this process again and again. It should get things fixed after five to ten repetitions.

After wrapping up these instructions, type in your iPhone’s Settings and attempt to update iOS. If this did not end the problem and your get stuck once more, feel free to see our next solution.

2. Running Dr.Fone

Dr.Fone is a well-known system recovery software. This amazing program provides tools that have been specifically designed for iOS. Bearing that in mind, Dr.Fone can help to end the most recent iOS issues below:

  • iPhone or iTunes Error 3419, 3014, 4005, 4013, etc.
  • iPhone being stuck in Recovery mode
  • iPhone being stuck in DFU mode
  • iPhone being stuck in a reboot loop
  • iPhone being stuck on Verifying Update
  • iPhone failing to power on.

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As soon as you have installed everything, connect your iPhone to your PC and launch Dr.Fone. Tap the System Recovery tab in Dr.Fone’s initial window and adhere to the on-screen guidelines to wrap up the process. Its UI is very friendly and you can download it here.


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