How Do I Leave A Family Sharing Plan On My iPhone Or iPad?


Getting yourself out of a Family Sharing plan on your iPhone or iPad is not complicated at all. As you already know, Family Sharing is useful for sharing applications through iCloud across the phones of family members. And luckily for you, joining a Family Sharing group is as simple as removing your account when you feel the time is right.

Even if this feature is useful if you want to share purchases and subscriptions like Apple Music, at any time, you can make up your mind to leave or set up a fresh group. Or are you relocating and you feel you need to change your phone’s country settings to suit your new residence? That is a wise thing to do.

Before you leave though, bear in mind that you will automatically lose access to everything shared by your family. Things like pictures, calendars and so on. You can only recover access to these shared applications by rejoining the group if the person in charge decides to add you back.

The instructions for leaving Family Sharing are identical when you access the Settings app on your iPhone or your iPad. If your Apple ID’s payment information is connected to your group’s shared purchases, your account can also be removed online. Lemme dive deeper into How To Leave A Family Sharing Plan On My iPhone Or iPad?:

How Can I Leave Family Sharing On My iPhone Or iPad?

  • Launch the Settings application on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Click on your name at the top of the page.
  • Are you using iOS 10.3 or later? Then you can click on Family Sharing. Are you using iOS 10.3 or earlier? Click iCloud, then tap Family. Either way, it will reveal your Family Sharing details. This will list all your present family members in the group, plus the Shared Features you have activated.
  • Click your name.
  • Click “Leave Family.”
  • You will be prompted to know if you are sure that you wish to leave the group. You will also receive a warning that access to all that is presently shared by family members will be lost. Click “Leave Family” once more for confirmation.

How Can I Leave Family Sharing On The Apple ID Website?

  •  If your Apple ID is presently used for family group shared purchases, it can be manually removed from your account online.
  • Head to
  • Get yourself signed in with your Apple ID and password for the account you wish to remove.

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  • You might be sent a verification code for security reasons. Type in this code if asked.
  • Click “Family Sharing” to access your details.
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