How Do I Recover Deleted Text Messages On My iPhone?


It could be that you just want to create space on your iPhone. Or you just like starting afresh and prefer to get rid of your ancient text messages. But by so doing, you suddenly discovered that a vital SMS with an important photo of a precious relative is gone and you really need it back.

The amazing news is that, if you do not fail to back up your iPhone from time to time, it is possible to bring back your deleted SMS. The sad news is that you might need to erase some of your data to make it happen.

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How Can I Recover Text Messages On An iPhone Using iCloud?

If your device is set to backup to iCloud, you can bring back a deleted SMS from your iCloud backup by getting a complete restore done. This will take your device back to the stage when the text was still on it.

The disadvantage in doing this is that you might need to get yourself signed into your applications all over again. You can also get rid of recent data on your smartphone in the process, but this depends on how long the backup you restore from was made.

  1. Launch “Settings.” on your device.
  2. Click your name at the top.
  3. Choose iCloud.
  4. Swipe down and choose iCloud Backup.
  5. Confirm that your device was backed up recently (just in case).
  6. Head back to Settings menu.
  7. Choose General.
  8. Swipe down and choose “Reset.”
  9. Select “Erase all Content and Settings.”
  10.  From the display that will be revealed to you, select “Erase Now.”
  11. Your iOS device will take some minutes to reset to factory. When that is done, you will be shown the iPhone’s welcome screen.
  12.  On the Apps & Data screen, select “Restore from iCloud Backup.”
  13.  You will have to get yourself signed into iCloud to check your backups. Select the backup you wish to restore from the list of iCloud backups. Everything will be given clear dates so you do not get confused. Select the last backup that your smartphone had the SMS on.

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How Can I Recover Text Messages On An iPhone Using iTunes?

If you backed up your iOS device to your PC when the SMS you need was still on it, it is possible to bring back deleted texts using iTunes.

You must be aware that Apple will soon block iTunes on Mac PCs to allow individual music, TV, and podcasting applications, so the instructions below might not be useful for Mac owners in future.

  1. Have your iPhone linked to your PC with a physical cord.
  2. Access iTunes, if it fails to pop up automatically.
  3. Tap the phone icon at the top of the display.
  4. Select “Summary” from the menu that will be visible on the left.
  5. If “Restore Backup” is grayed out, ensure your backup selection is changed from iCloud to This Computer. It can be back to what it was before after locating the SMS you are searching for.
  6. Tap “Restore Backup” and your ancient text messages can be seen again on your iPhone.

Be aware that if you did not back your iPhone up to your PC before any deletion, it is gone for good.


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