How Do I Remove Somebody From A Text Message Group On The iPhone?


If you intend to get rid of anybody from an SMS group on the iPhone, it is very simple to do in iMessage.

In this article, i will first teach you how to get rid of someone from the message group in iMessage and then i will share some tips on how you can cope with trolls on iPhone text message threads and everywhere else.

Trolls are those that that knowingly provoke other people just so they can cause an argument on social media, online forums and in SMS groups.

How Can I Remove Somebody From SMS Group In iMessage?

Even when a troll is not the issue, getting added to a very active group or one with extreme political or religious opinions can be annoying as well. It does not matter the reason you have to want to remove anyone from a SMS group, just get it done by adhering to these instructions:

  1. Access the group chat that the individual is part of.
  2. Choose “i” which stands for info in the top right to reveal the list of group members.
  3. Choose the person you intend to get rid of from the group chat.
  4.  Scroll left to the right on their name and choose “Remove” as soon as the pop-up shows up.
  5. Choose “Remove” once more for confirmation.

This instantly gets rid of the person from your message group.

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How Can I Mute A Conversation In iMessage?

If anyone is not all that toxic but it still very hard to deal with, you can simply mute the convo. This is not stressful and no confrontation is involved.

  1. Access the group chat on your iOS device.
  2.  Choose “i” which stands for Info in the top right to reveal the list of group members.
  3. Choose “Hide Alerts” below the group window.
  4. This will prevent any conversation alerts on your device, basically shunning them.

You can even prevent messages from a person.

  1. Access the group chat on your iOS device.
  2. Choose “i” which stands for Info in the top right to reveal the list of group members.
  3. Choose the person you intend to block and choose “Block this Caller.”
  4. Head back to the Group window and choose “Done.”

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How Can I Handle Trolls In Message Groups?

There will be always be fools on all social networks or message groups.

Social media and group convos have offered a platform for everybody to have a say, and sadly, people do just that, in a good and bad manner.

If one of these trolls is coming for you, knowing how to handle him or her can help to prevent staying away from groups or social media and will also enhance your peace on the internet.

Here are some ways to cope with trolls on the net.

  1. Do Not Feed The Troll: This is the right thing to do. Several of this people who misbehave online are only waiting for your reply for their attack to blossom. If you ignore, they eventually get tired and stop. Trolls need your attention and emotional replies so when they do not hear from you, their plan has failed.
  2. Be Cool: In groups, defeating a troll is simple when you keep your cool. Even if you are physically getting furious in your house, as far as you are the cool one in the group chat, you will emerge victorious. Keeping your cool is all about not dropping to the troll’s level and responding with class if you decide to reply at all. A few minutes into the conversation between you and the troll, and others in the group will realize who the troublesome one is. And that will not be you.
  3. Do Not Give Them An Excuse: Most times, we get trolled because we allow it. Be careful with what you share on the net because of how people will receive it. We all know about how tweets or posts can get blown out of proportion and end up becoming a war starter. Calm down before sending out a tweet. Think things through before putting out a post and be careful with the replies you share to other posts on social media as well.

I leave you with this, Trolls will never be worth your energy.



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